Friday, 6 November 2009

What is going on?

The parents of a six-year-old girl are outraged after their daughter was branded a racist for telling a black girl she had chocolate on her face.

What sad bastard accuses a 6 year old of racism? The one escapable fact of children that young is, they tend to find it hard to lie, deceive or pretend to be something they're not. They are also not aware of Laws made by stupid people!

What a great example we've become to our kids! We're going to have to teach our kids to lie and live in fear of what they say.. Just don't try it with my grandchildren, you'll have picked on the wrong grandmother!



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  2. For socialists you cannot begin brain washing too early.

  3. You ask "What sad bastard accuses a 6 year old of racism?"

    The sad bastard who has to fill up the compulsory school 'racist incident' log or be accused of being in denial and dragged off for Special Measures Re-Education. that's which sad bastard.

  4. What with compulsory sex education at five years old and Fife SS waiting to seize some poor girls unborn child (because she is too thick to be a mum huh?), Labour are systematically taking over the upbringing of our kids.

    You'd think with the highest statistics of teenage pregnancy and delinquency in Europe, they'd figure out by now that they're doing a worse job than we apparently did.

  5. George Orwell could not have made this up.

    I really feel for the couple in Fife, and see that they have now run off to escape the gestapo. I can see the time fast approaching, when we ordinary serfs are going to have to take a stand, and protect the victimised by whatever means, against "them". It could be our turn next.

  6. What sad bastard accuses a 6 year old of racism?

    The type that infests the community today, especially in education.

  7. This all has to stop, it's totally ridiculous.

    Labour with it's "immigration experiment" and the EU/Socialist controlled political correctness have done more damage to our country than just financially.

    Just imagine how bad it could really get. Micro chip implants and thought crimes are just around the corner.