Sunday, 22 November 2009

Gerald Warner... says it for me!

"You would think that after a week of such concentrated endeavour to revitalise democracy the punters would have been more gracious than to relegate Dave to 37 per cent".


Of course, it is probably that notorious asteroid in the political constellation, a rogue poll. Dave could be up on 42 per cent within a week. If he is not, we shall know the great Modernisation Project is working its magic – the famous Francis Maude formula: lose 25 per cent to gain 50 per cent. This poll may simply represent stage one of that sophisticated operation.

Basically it aims to cleanse the Conservative Party of serious Eurosceptics, people who actually want to halt immigration rather than administer it, social conservatives, religious believers, tax cutters, patriots, opponents of demented Middle East Wars, rural dwellers, man-made climate change sceptics and anybody who did not go to Eton, unless they are Liberal Democrat, republican wimmin. Considering the proportion of the British population which that programme seeks to exclude, it can only be described as heroically disinterested.

A less principled demagogue than Dave might have been tempted to offer a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and, if that did not do the business, another on In/Out of the EU; a moratorium on immigration along with repatriation of illegals; the repeal of all Labour’s oppressive PC statutes; withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan; a neutral investigation of the facts behind the climate change hysteria without committing any money to the anti-carbon black hole; and the right of constituencies to select their own candidates.

The objection to that agenda is that it would have given Dave a 500-seat majority which, to a fastidious Whig such as Cameron, is suggestive of mob rule or, as we used to call it, democracy.


What would be true to say is that we are furious at being betrayed, bitterly contemptuous of this charlatan Blair Mark 2 and will vote tactically against him at every opportunity. In short, we hate his guts. This may be a rogue poll, but it still indicates the fragility of a Conservative poll lead that excludes genuine Conservatives"

Amen to that!


  1. Now there speaks a patriot and what a use of the English language!

    Go, Gerald, Go! Wonder if he fancies standing for Parliament?

    Brilliant find, Sue. About time someone in the MSM said what we, the voters, think!

  2. If the manipulators go ahead and keep the drip drip drip of the Hung Parliament narrative to the forefront indicating their intention to rig the General Election to produce that result, they could put Cameron in a strategically 'nothing-to-lose' situation.

    From there he might decide to go full-on EU-referendum, and offer an IN/OUT referendum.

  3. WFW.. I thought so too :)

    tapestry, I wonder if he has the balls for it!

  4. Sue,

    Come on, do pay attention! We all know that it is the Labour Party that has Balls (and Yvette, Mrs Balls). Balls is the one thing Cameron ain't got - not unless he has a Mr./Mrs./Ms. Balls hidden up his trousers as another PPC!

  5. Great isn't it. On the one hand we've got the most despotic regime in British history. Intrusive, vindictive, spiteful, incompetent, arrogant, and politically correct to the point of nausea. - and on the other.... Step forward vapid Dave and his Tory no marks, only standing at 37% in the polls because of outright contempt for New Labour scum. I would actually like to participate in any hung parliament at the next general election, but exclusively in the lamp post variation of political entendre.

  6. Dave is doing remarkably badly considering what a shite state Labour are in; seems Labour expect to loose but the Public don't want the "Vichy Tories " to win.
    Roll on a hung Parliament with the Tories relying on a few UKIPers and Labour sharing the opposition benches with a couple of BNP mongs from their old heartland.

  7. I would suggest the hung Parliament narrative is wishful thinking and/or an attempt to con us back into the discredited scam election. On every key issue there is not one fag paper between the three main parties.