Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Cameron, you are a weasel! We are not fools.. your attempts at placating us have failed.



  1. MV,

    He forgot the basic lesson - when in a hole, stop digging!

    Just because he is a fool, he assumes we are!

    Methinks he is going to be 'torn to shreds' on this 'policy'.

  2. They've already started. He might be able to fool the younger generation but he doesn't fool me.

    They've all lost touch with the electorate. Unfortunately, when Mr Cameron visits "chav city", he thinks we're all like that!

    He forgets that anyone over 30 has probably had a reasonably good education.

  3. Many blogs are already tearing in, a few are trying to stay loyal but sound as if their hearts not in it. The latest plea seems to be vote UKIP get Brown, but I'm angry enough over this not to care anymore.

  4. I tried to defend the prat. I realy thought he had a plan B. The twat didn't have a plan A. Conservative? After a lifetime of support, personal cost, activism and sheer bloody hard work, I am gutted. I could even vote Jimmy Snot than this arehole.

  5. Oldrightie,

    the country's in a mess, and the solution won't come from the tory party, but from it's destruction. Freed from it's bondage, the middling class may recover its senses.