Friday, 30 October 2009

Vatican condemns Hallowe'en as anti-Christian

Another bright spark... DUH, of course its anti-christian!

Islam is anti-Christian, don't see the Holy See saying anything about the way muslims behave around the world! Isn't this Holy See a bit of a Nazi too?

The Holy See (why is he called that) has warned that parents should not allow their children to dress up as ghosts and ghouls on Saturday, calling Hallowe'en a pagan celebration of "terror, fear and death".

Just not on, all this fun is it? Next we'll be hearing that "trick or treat" is against the law. Here in Spain, Halloween has been embraced by the Spanish and for the first time this year, we are celebrating with trick or treating and general dressing up and behaving silly. Its a great way to get to know your neighbours!


Shamelessly pinched from the Red Rag via Fido


  1. Halloween was practised in this country before christianity was invented.

  2. I honestly think the "powers that be" have decided to fuck us up, no matter what.

    Can't let the proles have any fucking fun now, can we?

  3. Guess what, Sue, Labour shitheads are trying to get kids to stay at home this year and NOT go out Trick-or-Treating - they are being encouraged/urged to have a dressing-up party at home instead! They have also been producing festive Halloween posters that you can put up on your door to tell innocent little kids to fuck off and leave you alone very politely. Labour - don't you just love them?
    That old Hitler Youth Brownshirt bastard in the Vatican should shut the fuck up and fuck the fuckety fuck off 'n all!

  4. They can have a dressing up party at home so long as their parents promise not to smoke indoors.

  5. Yay! All the more reason to celebrate Halloween!

  6. You'll burn in Hell for this!


  7. You see what they are doing? They label Halloween as "occultism" because they hope people will attach fear to the word. All occultism means is "that which is hidden".

    Now, I don't want to start a religious argument but il Papa (and his many predecessors) have been hiding things for hundreds of years. Perhaps we can accuse Pope Benny of occultism? They have kept 66 Books (or gospels) out of the bible. What do they say that Popey doesn't want us to know?

    Google the "Book of Enoch" as an example.

    It's all bollocks. All of it, I tells ya.


  8. Oh, and Popey has several names:

    The Vicar of Christ
    The Holy See
    The Bishop of Rome
    The Bloke in The Funny Hat

    And so on, and so forth.

    More info here:

    But that might be bollocks as well.


  9. Religious nutjobs with a point to make rarely bother our little heads with anything as venomous as the Truth.

    Hallowe'en (Samhain)is a time of celebration of one's ancestors, many of whom, necessarily will be dead. Christians don't approve of ancestor worship, so they didn't pervert the festival of Samhain the way they stole Christmas (or Yule).

    God forbid (if you'll pardon the expression) that anyone would want to celebrate their family, culture, and traditions.

  10. Well he can bugger off- It is Samhain. Christians have been hijacking festivals for two thousand years.

    Wes Thul hal Guthrum

  11. Edgar, The Christians stole the winter solstice and called it Xmas.

  12. @ Edgar, (et al)

    "God forbid (if you'll pardon the expression) that anyone would want to celebrate their family, culture, and traditions"

    Are you honestly saying that halloween is a celebration of your family, culture and traditions? That dressing up like a vampire or something is a way of honouring your forebears?

    As for hijacking pagan festivals, when I was last in Spain at this time of the year, my friend went on All Saints Day to lay flowers at her mother's grave, this being a tradition she told me.

    Anyway, if you want to dress up a ghouls and witches, go for it. But why are you all complaining that the pope says it's anti-Christian? The comments on this string seem to confirm that he's right.

    Don't worry, you only have to wait til Guy Fawkes Night and you can throw his effigy on the bonfire.

  13. I thought Holy See was the bit of the Church of Rome that was actually in Rome, not just the head nutter? Bit like saying Downing St or Westminster doesn't just mean Gordon but a whole bunch of incompetent fuckwits.

    Anyway, as much as I feel Hallowe'en is tasteless, over commercialised, annoying and encourages other people's children to my door for sweets I really didn't want to buy (sod's law whenever I do get into the spirit of the thing and stock up and decorate the door etc none of the little bastards come down my road, and whenever I think 'fuck it, I won't bother' the doorbell goes off every ten minutes all fucking night - just can't win) the Pope should just be ignored. He may think he speaks for 2 billion Catholics but I doubt all the lapsed ones take any notice and there must be a fair number of actual practising Catholics who'll be carving up pumpkins today.

    Best criticism of Hallowe'en I've seen in the last few days was in The Telegraph and from a uniquely British perspective - it's sucking the oxygen out of the Guy Fawkes night tradition (along with a lot of elfin safety bollocks of course). I'm sure there are people who'd much prefer everyone to be running around with paint on their faces than building up to mark the anniversary of a plot to destroy Parliament. Ironic that was a small number of mad Catholics as well, but there you go.

  14. How to keep the little shits away.
    Fail to nail you CRB ( Not A Pervert ) Certificate to your fron door.

    Alcohol Focus Scotland Fake Charity Update
    Poll has been removed with no mention of it or its devasting result, LOL. Last time I looked it was 9,000+ votes at 94% NO.
    " Cheap alcohol is damaging health and society, I support minimum pricing "

    Replaced by a new poll with an actual question.
    " Should Alcoholic Drinks Show The Calorie content On Their Packaging ?"
    Yes 29% No 71% 179 Votes
    The question ommits to include " be obliged by law " but I don't care whether they do or do not so will not be bothering them again.

  15. Why do I suspect that the people who decry Halloween as 'occultism' and ban their kids from it are the very same people who'd go on holiday to Mexico and later regale their friends in the coffee bar with tales of the wonderful 'El Día de los Muertos' celebrations they snapped on their iPhones..?

  16. My daughter and her little friends went trick or treating last night. She came back with a bucket full of sweets and was only told to fuck off a couple of times.

    Bollocks to the pope!

  17. Witches, ghosts, Jesus and Allah. All bollox, the only differenece is that Wiccans leave the rest of us alone.

  18. Barking Spider, of course they are! How pathetic is this all getting?

    Goodnight Vienna, Don't remind me of how totalitarian it is getting, I have to go back
    the UK for a couple of weeks soon. I have a new Grandson (William)

    Mark, And burning effigies of the Gorgon on November the 5th. That reminds me, have they
    banned fireworks yet? People throw them at each other here in the street!

    The Pope, I do hope so, the Righteous go to heaven and I've had enough of them!

    Capt, looks like the Inquisition will be back in fashion soon. They say the Codecs are in
    the vaults of the Vatican and I know some German people that swore blind there existed in the time of Hitler real books on witchcraf, but he had them all burnt in fear of his life.
    They said the main one was called "The Thirteenth Book of Moses"..

    I'm a sceptic as far as the occult is concerned :)

    Edgar, I myself come from a long line of Pagans. I know this for sure and I am an unbeliever! God forbid indeed!

    Guthrum, They certainly have and I for one enjoy all of them if it means a party!

    Trooper, Day of the Dead is a great laugh here in Spain!

    Angry Exile, I never heard the expression "The Holy See" before, infact I thought it was the Holy SEED! don't ask me why :) I enjoy seeing the kids having a laugh with the adults. It could also possibly be that the kids here are much more well behaved and civilised.

    Banned, I noticed they didn't proudly announce it was a complete failure! I have my finger poised for this one too. Perhaps we should give it a little push with some well deserved publicity.

    Julia, exactly! As I said, I just like a party and if the kids join in, even better. One of the great things about being "ahem" older is, the kids are not yours and you can send them home when you have had enough!

    Gigits, Here, as in America, you put up Halloween balloons or masks if you don't mind kids knocking. The houses that aren't decorated, don't get bothered.

    xoggoth, I always found Wicca quite fascinating. If witchcraft (as such) ever existed, I guess it would be in the form of potions and medicines long forgotten from stuff that is natural.

    As far as I am concerned all any religion has ever done, is caused wars!

  19. I never heard the expression "The Holy See" before, infact I thought it was the Holy SEED! don't ask me why :)

    That could turn mucky quickly if you're not careful ;-)

    Well, it's now November in these parts and at Mrs Exile's insistence we stocked up on some chocs and sweeties..... all of which we still have. I fucking said something like this would happen, didn't I. The doorbell rang only once and the impatient sods had buggered off by the time we got there - these old houses go back a long way, but is a minute's wait for sweeties too long now? I blame the parents of course, so next year I'll take part and decorate the front of the house to encourage the little dears to knock, and then to give their parents nightmares I'm going to hand out Red Bull and a lot of high sugar sweets stuffed with additives.

  20. Thats the way to do it!!!!

  21. At last I get to comment! (private joke twixt Sue and I for the rest of you)

    This is just yet another example of the unelected (by us) telling us what we are 'allowed' to do. Never mind our customs and practices that have been going on for yonks - 'they' have decided its not for our own good.

    Well spheroids to them! I want a revolution - with hemp and lamp posts!

  22. I love it when you shamelessly pinch me Sue :-)

  23. Witterings from Witney, AT LAST, SUCCESS!!! We should just ignore them, they're all insane and on some sort of power trip!

    Goodnight Vienna, I got so drunk last night too...

    Ollie, the pleasure is all mine I can assure you :)