Thursday, 22 October 2009

UAF are the New Nazi's

Firstly, I'm not going to apologise for defending the BNP and Nick Griffin. Secondly, I'm not going to defend myself for doing so.

"BNP leader Nick Griffin has admitted his biggest concern about tonight's Question Time is that he might be assassinated.

The far-right leader made the comments in a vitriolic interview with the Times.

Asked what his greatest worry about the event was, Mr Griffin said :"That I might get shot on the way in".

When a politician of a legal party and a free citizen of the United Kingdom has to fear for his life for exercising his right to free speech, then something has gone radically wrong with our rights!

The MSM has finally spoken out for the reasons that the BNP is appealing to ordinary people, most of whom are not racists! Each article says what we already know to be true. It is because the BNP oppose mass immigration, Islamisation and the loss of sovereignty to the EU.

These are all understandable concerns which are widely held by people who fear the loss of Britain’s historic identity — but which are stigmatised as beyond the pale by this left wing Labour Government which considers any such expression of nationalistic sentiment to be a form of racism. Even legitimate feelings about national identity are also deemed to be racist, Patriotism is now a dirty word and our National Flag a symbol of evil.

Immigration is driving our population to new heights. If nothing is done, we will have an extra 10million people within 25 years - and nearly 70 per cent of them as a result of new immigration.

The conspiracy of silence among the main political parties on this vitally important subject cannot be allowed to continue. They must face up to the huge impact that immigration will have on the future of our society - and especially on England, which is the destination for more than 90 per cent of foreign migrants.

Traditionally, a major characteristic of this country was the stability of our population. In fact, up until the mid-eighties more people left than wished to come here to live. Twenty-five years later the picture has been transformed: the population has grown by more than 4.4 million

Three forces account for this transformation.

First, governments simply gave up taking an interest in whether people who came to this country as visitors, workers or students ever left again.

Second, the Government has not dealt fairly with those making asylum claims. It is the mark of a nation how it stands by those in need, yet our system has not worked; it has collapsed, to the detriment of genuine asylum seekers. Foreign criminals and illegal immigrants are not deported and we still have migrants queuing at Calais!

Third – and most important – the present Government has acted as a recruiting sergeant to enrol workers from abroad. Before the EU expanded, ministers asserted that no more than 13,000 would come each year from the new countries to find work in this country. All too quickly the numbers swelled towards a million.

Overwhelmingly, this increase in immigration has been in England which, within the past 15 years, has become the most densely populated country in Europe. England is being fundamentally changed.

All too many schools report that English is not the first language for the vast majority of students. Yesterday's statistics show that, over time, the increase in population will to an even greater degree be down to those coming here and their offspring. We have failed fully to integrate many of our newcomers: this shift will further tilt the balance away from a cohesive national identity. It is no wonder that the government have had to dumb down schools!

Rather than use its energies to control these waves of immigration, the Government has instead clamped down on any public debate about the issue – it has studiously avoided seeking voter approval for the changes Britain has undergone. Gordon Brown's 6,435-word address to the Labour Party conference last month contained a mere 83 words about immigration. At the Conservative conference, David Cameron offered a mere 58 words out of 6,387. So much for the new era of honesty in politics.

Social strains caused by immigration were all too obvious even during a period of record public spending increases. Immigration now accounts for 40 per cent of new households formed, just as the waiting list for social housing in England tops 1.8 million – an incredible 80 per cent increase in the past six years. We are now into a period of unparalleled austerity. The social tensions that are already present could be massively exacerbated.

A fightback against the BNP will only be a reality when all the major parties agree that we have a problem with uncontrolled immigration, illegal immigrants, foreign criminals, Islamic dissidents and terrorists using the human rights act to the detriment of the country and all who reside in it.

The UAF delight in inciting hatred and violence towards anyone who dares to criticise immigration, the Islamification of the UK or those whom they deem to being patriotic or proud to be British!

It's a pity that they don't condemn the same facism shown by Anjem Choudary and his ilk who are even now planning a march through London by members of Islam4UK. Their goal is the Islamification of Europe and our ancient laws to be replaced by Sharia.

The utter disrespect that they show towards our heritage, customs, beliefs and people is nothing more than a despicable and deep insult to the country that has given many of them a home and a refuge (not to mention other benefits).

Hat Tip Norton Folgate (I love this guy, he tells the TRUTH).


  1. Now OH has borrowed it from you, it is spreading fast!

  2. It was a good find Norton :) I must say I really enjoyed it when I first listened to him on your blog!

  3. Not all the MSM have woken up, that silly woman Riddell in yesterdays Telegraph was telling us that 'the solution ' was to " Give a general amnesty to those illegls who had settled in this country and made it thrive " WTF ?

    UAF ? 17:30 hrs today. BBC Radio 2 gushingly informs us that " several dozen were outside the BBC protetsting and that some had broken through Police lines and eneterd the building " How exiting is that !

    Will watch the vid now, I recognise the face.

  4. The very last thing we should do is give an amnesty. The Spanish learnt the hard way, they did the same thing. A couple of years later and there were a whole new group of illegals just waiting for the next one.

    They have not made it thrive, they've bled us and our essential services dry and to breaking point.

    The West just does not have the jobs, resources or money for them.

    The UAF breaking into private property and causing an affray in a public street. What a bunch of fucking heroes!

  5. He's always good. Great post, Sue.

    I'm fed up with Labour's use of the word "racist", as opposed to "racialist" (see more about this on my blog). It's a catch all - a label they can apply to just about anyone they don't approve of or who might be a threat to them.

    Melanie Phillips's article today in the Speccie was outstanding - which I see is cross-posted on her site.