Saturday, 17 October 2009

'Too late' to stop Lisbon Treaty


The only EU leader who has not yet signed the Lisbon reform treaty has conceded he will not be able to derail it.
Czech President Vaclav Klaus's admission has paved the way for the document to become law.

The treaty has already been signed by the leaders of the other 26 EU states but had been put in doubt by Mr Klaus's last-minute objection over World War Two property claims.

Some had speculated he wanted to delay signing until after a general election in Britain, in the hope the Conservatives would be victorious and call a referendum.

Mr Klaus said: 'I will not and cannot wait for the British election. They would have to hold it in the coming days or weeks.'


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Its a sad day for democracy. I'm going to get quietly drunk now and think of better days before Labour came to power!


  1. Don't worry, Sue, they'll be squabbling over the goodie bags ere long.

  2. My position remains the same, No referendum, No vote, whichever political party it may be and if we can't have one on Lisbon, then let us have one on in or out.

  3. The NWO conspiracists are starting to appear almost sane of late.

  4. You dont need a referendum Just dont vote for Labour, Liberal Dems or Conservative, then you would definitely leave the EU Vote for the independents, 646 of them That would set a fire in the House of Commons.

  5. No doubt Dave will continue to prevaricate, I just hope the independents can sort themselves out and not split their vote in the constituencies. In the absence of a firm referendum promise from Dave I will be voting for them EVEN if that results in Labour clinging on to power.

  6. It may be soon too late to stop the treaty but it will never be too late for the British people to retake their sovereignty. At exactly the time that the Eurocrats seem to be at their most optimistic and jubilant, the doubts about the wisdom of a United Europe are growing at an increasing rate, it seems. The people of Eastern Europe eventually tore down the monolithic Eastern Bloc: we should learn from them that we have the power to take down the strongest state apparatus, no matter how repressicve, no matter how well organised, no matter how well protected. We don't need to wait 70 years to do it, either.

  7. You're all correct of course. I don't think the British public are going to take this lying down. NOTHING is permanent! I will not vote for any major party if we don't get a referendum. I will vote UKIP or independent!

  8. Yup. Voting UKIP is the best plan we've got.