Sunday, 18 October 2009


Showing FREE Worldwide today! The Climate Change Con!

Stream of Conscience: Not Evil Just Wrong to Stream Live, for Free, Over Internet This Sunday. Here’s the trailer video:


The popular website Big Hollywood ( has announced its intention to live-stream the documentary over its site, as has the American Family Association ( Other options are expected to follow.

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I think its 2am tomorrow morning in the UK and 3am here in Spain (please correct me if I'm wrong)..


  1. Can't say I have studied it in great detail but being an engineer with significant experience in simulation of heat transfer and related issues I have to say I find the general principles of manmade global warming generally convincing. The only big question mark is why the vertical temperature profile does not fit.

    However, many of the solutions proposed are completely absurd. If green taxes drive even more of our manufacture to less efficient plants in China or India and we add transport costs on top, how does that help? What is the point of handicapping our own economy with possible energy shortages by delaying new coal fired stations when China is building new ones all the time?

    On the other hand, most of the things that would combat GW, if real, are the things we need to do anyway because oil and gas are becoming scarcer, more expensive and are largely in the hands of unreliable or potentially hostile states.

    There are sensible things that government could be doing that would be a benefit whatever the truth of the theory. If only we had a sensible government.

  2. Whilst I agree that we should look after our planet, treat it with respect and try to ensure we come up with cleaner fuel etc.. I do however think that the widespread panic and hysteria that is being initiated by the political and environmental classes is based mostly on how much money they can make out of us.

    I have no qualms with buying clean fuel and recycling etc.. what I do object to is being made an environmental criminal when I drop a cigarette end or being unduly overtaxed and made to feel downright guilty for a problem that every single human being and animal is contributing to!

  3. great site