Sunday, 4 October 2009


A great grey Tower of Babel reaches up into the sky over Europe, lopsided, full of cracks and likely to collapse in the fullness of time. But unlike the mythical original, it is complete – even though its builders neither understand nor particularly like each other.

The new European State finally exists and has given itself life – life of a rather Frankenstein sort, but life all the same.

It no longer needs to ask the permission of its member states to act. Ireland, for instance, will no longer be able even to hold a referendum on increased EU central powers.

It has what is called a ‘legal personality’, so will not need to make future changes by treaty but by acting as the superstate it now is.

Increasingly, the provinces of Europe, which until today were countries, will need its permission to exist at all.

That passport you hold is not British, but European. You are a European citizen. British Embassies abroad are European Embassies – as they already show by flying the EU’s meaningless and tasteless blue and yellow dishcloth.

Shouldn’t somebody have pointed out that in the recent history of the Continent, yellow stars call up only one dismal image, the mass murder of Europe’s Jews?

Frightened for their jobs, no longer confident in their ability to govern themselves, the Irish finally surrender to Europe. But at least they were allowed a vote...PETER HITCHENS

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  1. Oh I agree we should have a referendum, even if Lisbon is passed and it's a referendum as to whether or not we want to stay in the EU.

    But the smart money is still on the EU and Cameron reaching an "understanding" and then proceeding to sell us all down the river.

  2. If we have a referendum, the British will vote NO...

  3. We will, that's why I'd bet good money on the fact that we never will have a referendum.

  4. The subject is not going to go away, no matter how hard Cameron tries to ignore it...

  5. One assumes that obviously, as the new European superstate is a single legal entity, then anyone can come and go within its enormous borders. For example any number of young, unwashed, uneducated males looking for handouts, could FLOOD in from say, Calais.

    Just a thought.

  6. I can't bear to think of Ireland voting YES, only Mr Klaus of Czechland now stands between us & total takeover by the EU! On the basis of 'small rebellions' I have managed to get a car sticker for travelling abroad that has GB but no EU or EU stars on it.

  7. Sue, I'm astounded that they actually swallowed the drivel they were being fed - the days when any self-respecting Irishman would not accept this kind of meaningless bribe are obviously over! The attack on IQs through shitty "education" and the eradication of history through "indoctrination education" has clearly proceeded further than we thought! They will, sooner, rather than later, start wailing loudly when their non-existent "guarantees" are completely ignored but the fact is , because of their gullibility and short-sightedness they have butt-fucked all of us with a blackthorn stick!! Fuck them for being a bunch of stupid bastards!!!

  8. I think the Irish were driven by a useless government. Things had become so bad that they thought whoever is in charge, can't be worse.. how wrong can you be?

    The EU is essentially a non democratic institution and its days are already numbered. It may last a few years but no longer than that. The people of Europe are not stupid and many are already questioning the wisdom of the superstate.

    The British (as usual) need to have the courage to stand up and walk away from this totalitarian regime and it will soon collapse as others see that the utopian socialist dream is no better than Communism or Nazi Germany!

  9. Labour promised a referendum! why would anyone think that Dave is going to be any more honest?

    Give him a try, by all means, but a backup option is obviously advised.

  10. Philippinestroller6 October 2009 at 08:54

    Dave is an empty and contrary suit who is a closet Europhile. He wants power and he knows the English People want a change from Dreadful Brown. He is tiptoeing and dancing around a firm committment to a referendum because he doesn't want to make one. He will rue the day if he gains power on the vague promise of a referendum and then denies us that right and it certainly looks as though that is the direction he is heading. If such is the case then the betrayal of the English will be complete: the arch traitors of Labour will have driven us into the waiting, smirking arms of a even greater betrayal.
    I see the deal as done, surrounded by much obfuscation, brazen lies, and soft soap for the "We, the People".
    When are we going to learn that neither Labour nor the Tories are any good for us anymore. They should be consigned to the history hole. Forget the Greens and the Lib-Labs, for they, too, are nothing but remote mouthpieces for a cosy, gravy train of the EU Dictatorship.
    After the bogtrotting redoubt failed miserably let's see how Vaclav's last post will survive the Impi hordes

  11. " If we have a referendum, the British will vote NO... " which is why TrustMeDave won't give us one.
    I and many will be voting UKIP unless he issues a firm promise to do so before the election, if that costs the Conservatives votes and seats then so be it.

    It's so easy Dave, just promise us our fucking referendum.