Thursday, 29 October 2009

The Dictatorship has begun!

If you were ever in doubt who's in charge, now you know!


  1. I know our government would fall over itself to pay a fine to the EU, but I wonder how many of these countries you have listed will actually pay their fines?

  2. That's a good list. But at least they've kept the peace in Europe since, er, NATO stopped keeping the peace in Europe.

  3. They will keep the peace to make sure we don't trash THEIR house!

  4. DaveP. I know for a fact that Telefonica were fined, but haven't paid them!

    Mark. Nato have just deserted Afghanistan, haven't they? They're a brave bunch!

    Apogee. I'm half hoping that Bliar will be President. I know the British Public will revolt then. Cameron needs to be scared, he need to be very scared!

    Quiet_Man. I'm with you. Leave the EU, get our own house in order and I'll come home and bring my business with me!