Thursday, 29 October 2009

Channel 4

If anyone is watching this at the same as I am... I am really getting angry. I am recording it because I have some "constructive" comment to make here. This is a stupid fucking exercise!

This woman is representative of the Righteous. The group would have been perfectly happy if they'd have been left alone but she has caused friction and has made the situation intolerable.... I'm really glad I wasn't part of this experiment, she would have kicked me out!


  1. You can only be racist if you're white Sue, surely you know that, after all Jo Brand said so.
    This must be some sort of dig at the BNP/EDL so I doubt they'd allow facts or truth to get in the way of a good rant.

  2. I've seen this woman in action before. She's far too arrogant for her own good. Her intention is to humiliate everyone.

  3. Agrees with Subrosa, i saw her do the same thing on TV years ago and it went down like a shit butty then too.

  4. This womans goal is to prove that every white person is racist and she actually manages to convince every minority on the course that they are being treated badly by the whites, even if they didn't feel repressed to begin with!

    While we are on the subject. Racism is not nice, but some people are racist for reasons that we may not understand (the programme before hand (Katie Piper) makes me feel quite angry towards a certain type of ethnic minority). What I felt during the programme was perfectly normal though (that's what you get if you mess with black man).... but it's become a thought crime!

    She is causing more harm than she is doing good.

    This is the attitude of the righteous, its present in everything that they do. You're a paedophile until you prove you're not.. its an assumption that you are guilty until proven innocent.

    It's a socialist phenomena that threatens freedom of speech and community cohesion (another term that fucks me off).

    Just fuck off and leave us alone. People have a way of making things work without you fucking wankers interferring all the time!

    Totally pisses me off!!!!!

  5. I'm always puzzled by white people who try to prove their 'multicultural' credentials by making a point of mentioning their black or asian friends. Don't they know that the Righteous are quite capable, if their political views are even vaguely right wing, of still tagging them as 'eeevilhatefilledfascistbastards(!!)'; just fascists who are careful enough to disguise their contempt of the 'minority ethnics'?

    I don't have any black or asian friends, but I do have a half-Pakistani ex and a current girlfriend who's part Cherokee (yes, she's American). I don't bother to bring them up in conversations with leftists though, as I don't particularly want the approval of self-righteous politically correct morons.

    Anyway, my girlfriend wouldn't meet their approval either, as she doesn't sleep in a teepee, and usually votes for the Republican party.

    Rob Farrington

  6. Didn't see that programme ( telly-poverty-victim ) but did hear a thing on BBC Radio 2 yesterday. Subject, why are all 'racist incidents ' in the playground logged in school records which have to be reported to the council and the 'offender' punished and labelled a "racist".
    One chap argued that this was counter productive and just made infants aware of otherness when usually they get along just fine. If two friends fall out and one calls the other 'cocoa-head' does that make him a 'racist bully ' or is he clutching at the most obvious difference in order to vent his spleen and is it any worse than shouting 'fatty' or Ginger ?

    Im leaps " Liberal Woman ", yes it is worse because it is racist bullying "
    Chap, 'All bullying is bad, what is so special about Racist bullying, is it worse than disability bullying and should that be reported to the council too ?
    LW could not avoid the obvious conclusion that her argument would result in every minor title tattle playground spat being logged and reported to The Council with the net result that virtually every child would leave infants school with a record of Racist, Disablist, Spekkyism or Yourhairsucksism.