Thursday, 24 September 2009


I must admit I didn't know India had a space programme until this story in The Times this morning!

"Data from Chandrayaan-1 also suggests that water is still being formed on the Moon. Scientists said the breakthrough — to be announced by Nasa at a press conference today — would change the face of lunar exploration.

The discovery is a significant boost for India in its space race against China. Dr Mylswamy Annadurai, the mission’s project director at the Indian Space Research Organisation in Bangalore, said: “It’s very satisfying.”

Madhavan Nair (Chairman, Indian Space Research Organisation) has proudly said they managed it on a budget of less than $100 million. Good for you..

.... but tell me... why are we continually funding India?
From the DFID website : Total UK aid received (2007/08): £312.7m

Douglas Alexander, the first cabinet minister to visit India's poorest state, Bihar, said that despite "real strides in economic growth" there were still 828 million people living on less than $2 a day in India.

Critics argue that British taxpayers should not be devoting the largest single sum in its aid budget to one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. They also point out in terms of national wealth, as measured by purchasing power parity, India's economy is larger than Britain's. The IMF's figures show the Indian economy at $3tn compared to Britain's $2.2tn.

If India can afford to run a space programme, they can afford to fund their own charities.

WTF is going on? We don't look after our pensioners or our wounded... but we can fund India????


  1. It is a simple question Sue, as they are now a wealthier nation than us, they own our steel industry and what's left of our car industry, why should we keep their poor, why should anyone keep their poor alive, if India doesn't want them, let them perish, they are not our problem.
    Aid is no longer something that is given, it is a stipend, a penalty for colonialism, that's why Marxist Labour is so enthusiastic about it, they believe we owe them!!

  2. We need to take another look at this overseas aid malarky... it's a joke. We need to start looking after our own people now.

  3. Also, in that case, we will be in for some cash from a few countries in years to come including India. We have been invaded by just about every country in the world and its fucking families... when do they start paying us our compensation and moving back to their own shitholes!

  4. We still give aid to China too. How easy it is to piss the taxpayers money against a wall. The terribly depressing thing, is that Cameron wants to maintain our aid budget.

    When will our politicians decide to look after their own people first?

  5. We need to keep the pressure up whatever government is in...they can't ignore us forever!