Thursday, 24 September 2009

Oeeeer Missus, No, don't titter!

I see Brown got his 30 seconds of fame then?

Gordon Brown finally met with Barack Obama today as he was pictured being greeted by the U.S. president before a UN Security Council meeting in New York.

The pair shook hands as Mr Obama moved through the crowd greeting other leaders before chairing the meeting on nuclear proliferation.

It is the first time the pair have been pictured together at the summit and is unlikely to diffuse the row over claims Mr Brown had been snubbed five times at the UN by Mr Obama.

Downing Street today insisted he and the U.S. president have the 'strongest friendship'.

Yeah Right!

How many times was he snubbed, five? I read that Obama said he was dour and his government was on it's way out...

No, I'm not going blind, I just LIKE BIG BLACK BOLD PRINT!

Lighten up Mr Brown (Mandelgit says so, in fact, I have a match if you'd like to start the fire)....

How embarrassing for the UK... the world must be having a good old snigger!

Not a titter!



  1. Brown is unutterably bad, it is way beyond a joke now, that this clueless gormless cretin still clings to office like a troublesome bit of snot that refuses to be blown or wiped away,
    the U.K. is grinding to a halt, factories are shutting every week. What the hell is this shithole going to live on, it won't be handouts, those eternally poor places who we have generously supported for decades, now in a bizarre turnaround, better off than us, would tell us to get knotted!

  2. The sooner this shower of shit is out of government, the better for us all... we need some good old British values back in our country, for our country!