Monday, 28 September 2009

Commission breaks its own Laws

This from EU Referendum

"I am shocked, I tell you, shocked. I hear from Anthony Coughlan of The National Platform that the European Commission has, in defiance of European legislation, which makes the ratification of a treaty a purely national matter, intervened in the Irish campaign.

This Sunday there was a "16-page propaganda Supplement on the EU being inserted in every Irish Sunday newspaper today. This must have cost several million euros - using European and Irish taxpayers' money to influence Irish voters to ratify the Lisbon Treaty and in the process expand the power and functions of the Brussels Commission itself" Who could have believed that the Commission would act so cynically?

Presumably, the argument is that they are merely spreading information and not interfering in Irish domestic politics while telling tales of porcine aviation.

It would appear (more shocks to the system) that the information is not entirely accurate. Jens Peter Bonde has fisked the document".

What a bloody nerve, the EU is just a giant Labour Party. One rule for us, one rule for themselves and the freedom to ignore laws even they have put on the statute books!


  1. Fucking hell. That's outrageous.


  2. The EU ( or EEC ) was sending us this stuff to schools 40, forty, years ago. Europe pays bas, " Of The Regions ", dressing it up as Geography tuition.
    All very colourful and glossy even then.

  3. The taxpayer is paying for this propaganda, it's not ethical!