Thursday, 13 August 2009

The NHS Sucks!

I have interrupted my work to say that I think the NHS is crap. It started out as a great idea, as a social fund that everyone paid into and when they needed health care, they got it. It has become a dangerous monster and it should be completely reformed. There are more people using it now, than have paid into it, which is not great for obvious reasons! If we could have opted "out" , I would have ages ago and paid into private medical care instead. I just couldn't afford both!

Not only that, but it is the NHS cronies that are constantly preaching to us about what we breathe, eat and drink. The NHS is completely out control and has become part of the government which it shouldn't be!

What is this? Just because the Americans have slagged it down, it's now the bees knees? What bollocks! You have more chance of staying alive if you stay out of hospital, than if you go in to some of them. They're death camps.

Just do not ever assume that whatever "civilised" country you are in, people will leave you die, they don't!!!

Don't ask me for stories of my own experiences or you may get them and wish you hadn't.

The National Health Service is badly run by overpaid bureaucrats and is instrumental in a massive population cull!

Necrotizing fasciitis with your dinner, sir?


  1. With c.difficile for afters Sue. Agree with every word.

  2. Girls, I have utter belief in the front line of The NHS. As I do with our military. My dearest would not be alive today if they were not just terrific.
    Now, for Labour The NHS is their lovechild but heavily staffed with intelligent peiople. So, to bypass these guys, Labour created a managerial beaucracy of Bob Ainsworths or jobsworths. So, in order to suck up to their benefactors, these people found it easier to lord it over their intellectual and professional superiors with the arrogance of Government placement. The result, Stafford and many other cess pits of disease, infighting and Victorian squalor. Fuckwits areUs would be flattering.

  3. I HAD faith in the NHS up until it was instrumental in killing both my mother-in-law and my mum!

    The things I have witnessed in the NHS are what nightmares are made of...

    Great idea turned sour!

    Best we get rid and start again with the medical profession in charge. Not fuckwits like Liam Donaldson but with real Doctors who take the hypocratic oath seriously!

    NO preaching, no getting out of the NHS unless you have paid into it for a certain amount of time... and don't even speak to me about NICE (who definitely are not nice)...

    No fatties getting gastric bands, no artifical insemination, no unnecessary plastic surgery... the NHS has to be beyond reproach.

    The NHS should be there to help people that are SICK!

    Anything else and you should have to pay privately.

  4. Just think of all the front line services that could be paid for and reinstated by sacking Brown's pen-pushers.

  5. Apart from the bit about it starting out as a fund, which is a nice bit of bullshit governments like to put about, I agree with all of it. My experience of the NHS was fucking awful. Staff who mostly appeared not to give a shit, hopefully because they were overworked and underpaid rather than anything else but since they were mostly also patronizing arseholes with a deeply unsympathetic bedside manner I'm not that sure - sorry Oldrightie but I can only speak for my own experience - I was starved not because I was Nil By Mouth but because the incompetent twats forgot to bring meals, and the ward I was in was fucking filthy. I discharged myself a day early but probably not soon enough because I came out with a secondary infection.

    So... not a fan. If you absolutely must have public sector healthcare for Christ's sake break it up. It's not too bad here in Oz, possibly because there's a much smaller population to deal with and with each being run at the state level rather than federal they're smaller still, though I still think personal health insurance is the way to go.

  6. There's a lot of yapping about Sarah Palin having the 'nerve' to say that we have Death Panels, but isn't that a more accurate description of them than 'NICE'....?

  7. Yep, they're definitely not NICE... Death Panel is more appropriate. I notice Cameron's got on the bandwagon, but I suppose he has no choice.

  8. I posted my story about health on my blog. I was on quite low pay, no benefits, my taxes going to pay for the NHS. I could not use it, and had to pay for my treatment. The NHS is wrong. There should be no compulsion to pay unless treatment can be guaranteed, which it can't.

  9. "Yep, they're definitely not NICE... Death Panel is more appropriate."

    And for all the stick Palin got over that, she had the desired effect. They've removed the clause... :)

  10. If the NHS was split between management and Front Line like the Ministry Of Defence is split from the Army Navy and Air force the deficienies of the Management side would be more glaringly obvious.
    Usual own stories of NHS disasters, Mum got hospital disease etc...

  11. you won't be saying that if you get seriously ill and need to return home.