Friday, 17 July 2009

Swine Flu Deaths Soar to 29?

Liam Donaldson, the epitome of a wanker! He has predicted that an epidemic of swine flu "could" result in 65,000 deaths in the UK. Of course, he can't know for sure, these figures are produced by computer models. The same computer models that have predicted a climate armageddon, if we don't spent millions of pounds on going green.

How irresponsible can a supposedly, respected medical person be? Liam Donaldson, this is the man who brought us terms like "passive drinking" and wants to ban smoking in OUTSIDE public places. What a patronising, dicktatorial tosser.

NHD are complaining that they are receiving four times as many calls, doctors and hospitals are inundated with panic stricken people.

Of course, this is just what the Labour Government love, keep the fear going, keep the prol's under control!


I don't wish anyone harm normally (except Brown, Mandelgit and the Blairs), but I wish he would get swine flu and die, perhaps we'd all get some peace!


  1. I had at the end of last year a particularly nasty strain of flu, in my opinion I have already had it and recovered, it lasted 3 weeks and the symptoms kept changing, it must have been a virus that kept mutating in order to survive !!
    You are correct of course Sue that they rule by fear. Death is a natural occurence necessary to keep the population at a tolerable level and to renew the species, we cannot override nature no matter what some of these "experts" say !

  2. In addition, could this be the one the ugly bastard Brown uses as an excuse to cancel the election ?

  3. Far more people die from other causes than swine flu. I just see no need for this "fear mongering", it's irresponsible and I can only assume the ulterior motive.

    Flu is horrible in any form, we all know it can knock you out for weeks and it has always caused fatalities in the old and sick.

    Apparently, Brown can postpone the election for up to TWO years, if he has a mind to... what a terrifying thought!

    That prospect scares me more than any pandemic does.

  4. Spot on Sue, there has been flu attacks before there will be again, Brown is far worse than flu in any of its forms and like the troublesome little organism, I wish he would go away and...

  5. I suppose the Four Horsemen of the Infocalypse are all riding 'flu ridden pigs these days.

    “And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the fourth beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a pale British Saddleback; and he that sat on him was called Death, and The Daily Mail followed with him for an exclusive."

  6. It's all about ant-missile flares. Jimmy gets it in the neck for negligence causing the death of soldiers, Donaldson puts out a flare. Almost 13 years of this shit. What happened to the expenses row? That was one of the biggest flares Downing Street have used to date, now the individual has been caught who leaked the cd has been sacked......oh, no, that was The Damien Green fellow telling us about 20 million new immigrants; who think they sign a visa when they arrive, it's actually opinion poll question papers and postal ballots.

  7. Oldrightie, how awful that we have become so cynical! You're perfectly right of course. Gordon Brown's spin machine is bigger than ever!

    The Cost of Browns Spin Machine Rises

    "Despite promising to cut the use of spin in politics, the Prime Minister now has 25 special advisers on the public payroll at No 10, his office said last night. The last time the figures were disclosed last summer, the figure was 23.

    The total paybill for special advisers in 2008/09 was £5.9 million. That includes pension contributions and severance payments for departing advisers.

    Many of Labour's advisers are paid more than backbench MPs, who receive a salary of £65,000.
    Some 14 aides in Downing Street are in a salary band that ranges from £66,000 to £103,000.
    Beginning his premiership in 2007, Mr Brown repeatedly spoke of himself leading a "new government" that would break with the habits of the Blair era, especially when it came to spin and the use of unelected political advisers.
    Taking up the job, Mr Brown promised that his premiership would bring "a different type of politics - a more open and honest dialogue".
    His deputy, Harriet Harman, said that under Mr Brown, there would be "no spin".

    Looks like they're on overtime!

  8. We're all so cynical because we've seen the manipulative tactics used by the govt for the past twelve yrs. Cynicism isn't a nice virtue but who can blame us? When we're talking about a Labour govt a healthy dollop of cynicism is essential. Liked the 'dicktatorial' btw.

  9. The gutter snipes that surround him are only a reflection of Brown, who is a self obsessed brooding deeply unpleasant vindictive man, since he was annointed by the wretched enemies of democracy aka Labour, we have gone downhill
    quicker than Franz Klammer.

  10. A. What does " serious underlying medical condition " mean ?
    B. Who conjured up the phrase and how come it got adopted nationwide quite so suddenly ?

    Seems we have become Two Nation Britain once again, half of us panicked into NHS Direct while the other half dismiss Pig-Plague as yet another Govt. inspired distraction technique.

    Me ? I'm still worrying about the Nuclear Winter and whether our Acid Rain will kill off Norways pine trees; bte, how's the Ozone Layer doing these days ?

  11. Thr actual figures in that estimation were 'between 19000 and 65000'.

    Guess which one the papers all printed...?

    Still, we'll all be far too busy informing on each other soon to worry about swine flu.

    I used to enjoy reading books like '1984' and 'Brave New World'. Living in one? Not so much...

  12. This government is mental. The only safe people will be criminals with their hooman rights!

  13. granma wuffles21 July 2009 at 04:17

    Swine flu jab not tested? Well there's a shock. I cannot believe there are people who pay the slightest attention to a word this government and its spokespersons say, they could not organize a proverbial in a brewery.
    Incompetence, thy name is Liebour.
    Off to my shed. Love your blog Sue.