Wednesday, 8 July 2009


I was just skimming the papers (as you do)... and the Daily Express is running some headlines on the G8 summit in Italy.

Headline 1

Oh Dear

"The G8 countries meeting in Italy have failed to agree a deal with developing nations over the goal of halving carbon emissions by 2050. Negotiators were trying instead to achieve the more modest target of keeping the world's average temperature from rising more than 2C, sources said.

Climate change experts say the two-degree threshold, which has been embraced by the European Union and some developing countries, would not eliminate the risk of runaway climate change but would minimise it".

Headline 2


"Prime Minister Gordon Brown has hailed an "historic" emissions agreement at the summit of G8 nations in Italy.
The accord between the world's major industrialised nations states they will not allow global temperatures to rise by more than 2C and will cut their emissions of greenhouse gases by 80% by 2050.

Mr Brown said the deal paved the way for a global agreement at the UN conference in Copenhagen this December to halve emissions by the middle of the century".

So, was this a successful summit or not?

Seems like they "settled" to me!

How can he hail it's a success, when it obviously WAS NOT!

I'm f*cked if I know whats going on!

I think Gordon suffers from "Pollyanna Syndrome" Ref : The Inflated Self


  1. If the planetary temperature is going to rise it will rise and it will be because the sun is becoming hotter and these arseholes have absolutely no control over that! They are like King Canute trying to order the tide not to come in except I don't think he was planning any extortionate taxes to "achieve" it.

  2. Phew, don't I know it, it's over 50 degrees here in the Costa del Sol...

    Climate change claptrap, money making con, more like!!!!


    If you want a sleepless night, Sue, check this out from BS.

  4. Mega Bitch! I saw this earlier. I'd like two minutes with this woman :)

  5. The Daily Express is well past its sell by date.
    Mankind manages to survive in climates ranging from the Sahara to the Arctic so a few degrees of Sun Spot Made Climate change is not going to matter much anyway.
    Gordon, please stop grandstanding on the world stage, you are just embarrasing us all, just come home and go to sleep for a few months there's a dear.