Thursday, 30 July 2009

Gay police officers!

I have absolutely nothing against gay men, infact some my best mates are gay men. I have nothing against gay police officers either... but what I DO OBJECT TO, is people airing their personal lives in public!!!!

There was a time when your "private life" meant you kept it "private". What do they want people to say? Are they inviting criticism so they can have a good old whinge about it?


I don't want to know, seriously, I don't......but,


  1. I just realised you'd set up a 'blog, which I have promptly added to my 'bloglist.

  2. By golly, Wadsworth, you're quick?

  3. Well in order to keep up with Mark I'm forced into adding you to mine too Sue.

    That's rubbish really, I shall add you because it's well deserved.

    He's 'fleet of foot' OR, remember the days? ;)

  4. Mark and Subrosa, Thank you kind people, I've been doing it for quite some months now... even in Spain, I feel the pain!!!