Friday, 31 July 2009

Brown appeases the peasants

"Gordon Brown hopes to win back the vote of Middle Britain by appealing to their sense of fair play and core values"

No, Mr Brown, their sense of fair play and core values have been crushed by your government during the last twelve years.

"Ministers will promise to tackle the 'something for nothing' culture by closing loopholes in healthcare, social housing and welfare benefits". Blah, blah, blah.....

Now let's see how thats working :

"From this autumn, single asylum seekers aged over 25 who arrive in Britain will receive £35.15 a week in subsistence payments - down from the present £42.16. The typical person over 25 who is on Income Support has to pay for housing and utilities, but asylum seekers in government-run housing do not". So, no bills or rent to pay then? What about the under 25's? Are they considered minors? No mention of how much they get from the taxpayers purse.

So, it's £35 a week money for food alone. That's alot of food for a single person but then again, under the new Green Book rules MP's are allowed to claim up to £400 per month for food. Out of touch? I think so. I can live on a tenner a week just for food!

A review of access to the NHS by foreign nationals has recommended that people whose application for asylum has been refused but who cannot leave the country 'through not fault of their own' can receive free healthcare. "Through no fault of their own?" - Oh you mean, they are appealing on grounds of their human rights? Nope, that's not fair, these people are FAILED, they should be deported.

Gypsies and travellers should be given priority in NHS hospitals and GP surgeries, according to Government guidance.They should be given longer consultations, and should be seen by GPs when they walk in without an appointment, even if doctors are fully-booked. Fair? No, no fair play here!

THOUSANDS of foreign students granted visas to study at UK universities never turn up, figures have confirmed.It has long been feared many simply use them as a way to get into the country. Now figures for three universities alone have shown nearly 2,500 applicants failed to enrol in the last three years.

Sir Andrew Green of MigrationWatchUK said: "There are now thousands of bogus students in Britain but little is being done to remove them.", So, thousands of bogus students are also living off the state (well, they can't work, can they?).

AN ASYLUM seeker who claims to be a man in a woman’s body can stay because deportation could infringe her human rights. The taxpayer will pick up the £10,000-plus legal bill for her case after Home Office lawyers decided not to contest a judicial review of their decision to kick her out. ’s barrister Mr S Chelvan told Judge Mark Ockelton QC she considers herself male. Describing X as very disturbed, Mr Chelvan said that she wanted a sex change in the UK. Detention in an all-female unit at Yarl’s Wood removal centre in Bedfordshire had been distressing. No doubt, that'll be on the NHS too, where's the fair play here Mr Brown?

Five times more immigrants are given social housing than previously claimed, the Government has admitted. Just weeks ago ministers insisted only one per cent of social housing is given to immigrants, in an attempt to quell widespread fears that they are treated better by local authorities than people born in Britain.

But after an investigation by ITV's Tonight With Trevor McDonald programme, the Government has admitted that 200,000 of Britain's social homes - five per cent of the total - were given to immigrants last year. There is a waiting list of 1.5 million for the four million social houses in Britain.

Priority for houses is given to those most in need. Immigrant families cannot automatically be put to the top of the queue, but often fall into needy groups by being homeless or living in overcrowded. So, because immigrants tend to have more children and extended family living with them, they get priority anyway. Not doing terribly well, Mr Brown!

Infact, it's all a publicity stunt, isn't it? Admit it, you are the ultimate bullshitter and everyone knows it... so, what's the latest?

In a series of announcements today they will vow to stop foreigners having British organ transplants on the NHS as private patients.

Let's see if your government is willing to give up those "private fees" that allowed you to SELL and profit from British organs shall we?

Mr Brown's idea of appeasement is making middle England ACTUALLY SUFFER MORE!

"Motorists who drive to work will have to pay a £250 parking tax under a Government scheme to be announced today. Firms employing 11 or more staff who park their cars in company bays will be charged for each space. The scheme, which has been condemned by critics as a 'tax on jobs', will initially charge £250 per space but the cost could rise to £350 within two years".

Thats fair isn't it Mr Brown? You see, socialists believe if you have a job you're the lucky one and should pay for the privilege to work.

Mr Brown, all Middle Britain wants is your demise!

So desperate to hang onto power and so full of bullshit, I can smell you from Spain!


  1. Immigration should only be allowed if you can prove you will be an ASSET to this country.

  2. Not enough ballot box fodder in that idea, ACO.

  3. Even Channel 4 put the Big Brother housemates on one pound per head per day.

    I agree with AntiCitizen.

    I also agree that Brown is full of shit in every single possible angle and differnt way.