Friday, 5 June 2009

Why is Labour being slaughtered?

Listening to Skynews and reading the online papers, one would think that the only issue affecting the lack of Labour votes is the expenses scandal. 

Today in The London Evening Standard

A teacher claims he was removed from a bus by police after he stubbed a cigarette out on the pavement.

Stephen Cook, 49, from Finsbury Park, was outside Archway Tube station when he threw his cigarette on to the pavement. He said five wardens appeared to issue him with a £50 fine. Mr Cook, who said there were no ashtrays outside the station, refused to accept it and walked away to catch a bus.

He said Islington wardens called the police and minutes later they arrived with sirens sounding to tell him to get off the bus and accept the fine.

The law against stubbing out cigarettes on the street was introduced with the smoking ban in 2007.

Police have launched a full-scale murder investigation over the mystery death of a dog.

Forensics teams have been drafted in and the swimming pool where the terrier was found dead is being treated as a murder scene.

An officer justified the unusual move by arguing that the impact of the death was 'the same on the family as if it had been a person

Health chiefs have slammed discount chain Poundland for selling a potentially deadly dose of 48 paracetamol for just £1.

The discount High Street chain came under fire from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society - which today said it was 'extremely concerned' at the deal.

Let me tell The Labour Party, they're mistaken. It's for a myriad of inconcievably stupid Big Brother Databases, totally anal H & S regulation and Politically Correct bollocks that's at the heart of your monumental failure! 

The expenses scandal was the straw that broke the camels back. Taxpayers really resent being ripped off by people who want to make their lives a misery!

Now, call an election! Have you any dignity left? 



  1. i didnt actually know about the cigarette butt thing and fines, so I guess chucking them out the car window is a big no-no? Can you imagine the helicopters chasing down a smoker who threw a butt out the window?

    Murder investigation over a dog? Bloody hell - they've lost the plot.

  2. Excellent post, Sue. A more simple answer is "An Emperor's clothes moment" for Labour. 12 years of brain washing, lies, dead soldiers, murdered weapons expert, snot picking, and glorification of shirt lifting, lavender marriages and abuse of young boys. Bit by bit the soiled undergarments lie on the floor. The number of sycophants that swoon platitudes of how joyous the naked folds of flab and filth that is Labour and Snotty's exposed nakedness, that they see as ermine robes, is dwindling fast as they leap into the icy sea of reality. Forgive the mixed metaphor!

  3. That speech of Browns? He really is mental!!!

  4. Interesting to bring these diverse stories together, and they make a strong case. I am a libertarian, as detailed on my blog, and Labour has been the worst of all worlds, left-wing on economic and fiscal policy and authoritarian.

  5. Interesting. My local paper (Express & Star) is reporting a story about a woman who went for a check up at her local hospital, but they entered her name incorrectly on the computer. A few days later she started receiving junk mail with that exact same misspelling of the name. Scary huh?

  6. Five wardens?! Didn't they have anything better to do?

    And a police car with lights and sirens? Coming back from the shops just now, I was passed by a police car on a shout, and pulled in, as did everyone else, to let it pass, rthinking it was on its way to an accident or burglary, or something serious.

    Now, I wonder...

  7. The Conservatives now have an even bigger grip on Local Authorities who are responsible for most of the above bollox. They now run the Civic Enforcement Officers ( fag ban police ), HealthnSafety Facism, Planning, Social Service and Schools so let's see if they start treating us like adults and humans again.

  8. Then again using the Daily Wail as a source of information might not be the best idea...

  9. After three instances (over the last 6 years!) of getting fined and points on my licence for speeding thanks to "safety" cameras, guess what arrived in the post aboutthe same time as my licence being returned?

    Sales materials for dodgy laser equipment supposed to make your speeding vehicle invisible to speed cameras.

    Co-incidence? I doubt it.

    The Penguin.

  10. Richard, these things have to stop, they're insane.

    Anon, seems as though their database is compromised.

    Julia, I've called the Police several times in the past (when I lived in the UK) and they never turned up. Now I know why.

    Anon, We shall see if things change with the Conservatives in charge of local councils.

    MB, I think people contact the Daily Mail with these stories because they know they will print them.

    Penguin, very strange.. either they have a stooge in there who sells this stuff or their data storage is also compromised!

    Seems as though from two of the comments above that our government sells it's lists to the highest bidders!