Monday, 22 June 2009

Labour don't know the meaning of the word "HONOUR"

Even now, even after all that's happened, the Labour Party cannot help themselves in their attempt to control everything and everybody in the country!

Let's just remind ourselves about the woman they want to put in this "honourable" position!

The official cut £1,311 from Mrs Beckett’s total claim of £15,211.21 for work on her house, which drew this response from the minister: “We live in an old cottage – not the beautiful, strong, stone-built type, but the kind of thing you throw together for the farmworkers from the bricks you had when you knocked down the pigsty – and it requires a good deal of maintenance and repair.” Yes, I bet it's a real SHACK!

Mrs Beckett, 66, claimed second home allowances of £72,537 for her constituency home in Derby in the four years between 2004 and 2008, despite having no mortgage or rent to pay on the property.
Mrs Beckett earns £104,050, but during her spells as environment secretary and foreign secretary she earned £141,866.

During much of the time she was making the claims, she was living rent-free in Admiralty House, Whitehall, which enabled her to rent out her London flat. Nice little earner on top of everything else!

Some of the larger purchases were made days before the end of the financial year, a time when some MPs appear to “use up” money still available to them from their annual allowances. On March 20, 2005 the then environment secretary spent £1,480.84 at Comet on a new larder fridge, a freezer, dishwasher, dryer and washing machine.

She also claimed £3,250 for food and £1,000 for interior decoration in the same year. A month after she was upbraided by the fees office in 2006, Mrs Beckett submitted an invoice dated March 30 – the last day of the financial year – for £4,753, which covered the conversion of a bedroom to a study, work to “extend base of wheelie bin store” and work to install a new floor in the sitting room.

The following year her “annual interior and exterior work” came to £2,198, with another £3,313 for rewiring, replacement radiators and carpentry and £3,155.48 for a new boiler.

Mrs Beckett said: “Grace and favour homes are not rent free, we are taxed on them as a benefit in kind.” She said her large gardening bills were submitted by mistake.



"Never rebels against their party in this parliament" - Doesn't that tell you something?

I maintain the position of Speaker of the House should be bestowed upon a person of HONOUR!


  1. "I maintain the position of Speaker of the House should be bestowed upon a person of HONOUR!"

    Since socialism is about equality, honour is, by definition, not possible under their dogma because all people are not honourable. Ergo no Labour hypocrite can be honourable.

  2. The abomination that is Gargoyle Beckett absolutely repulses me. She's an evil, nasty little bitch who's as hell bent on destroying this country as Brown is. She completely sucks, and if, God forbid, she's elected as speaker . . of all things . . .we've had it!

  3. Never had we had such a disreputable shower of shit running our country into the ground for the benefit of a few greedy bankers, Beckett is another chippy socialist fuckwit with a grudge against humanity, just like Brown.
    They are all as bad as each other, a bunch of twats, Labour are the spawn of Satan.

  4. She is the most objectionable bloody woman I've ever had the pleasure of not meeting.
    As TP says, she absolutely repulses me. Evil nasty witch>

  5. They really need to stop calling each other that if they don't deserve it, Oldrightie.

    Can you imagine looking at that ugly mug every day in the commons?

    You can say that again Sean!

  6. Thanks Sue, have just dicovered your site and find I agree with you completely.
    Labour is an evil twisted party and have saddled with the most gormless, inept berk we have ever had leading, he has done the impossible and made the slimy creep Blair look good.
    Accidentally of course, he is so incompetent he is not capable of tying his shoelaces or wiping his arse properly !

  7. ahem I meant discovered (whoops!)

  8. I agree with the post and the comments on here. The mealy-mouthed Beckett is only deserving of a smack in the face!

    (Sorry, I've given slagging them off today, they all need a good beating in my opinion) An expenses paid trip to Guantanamo Bay would be the best money us taxpayers have ever spent on these troughing pigs.

  9. I don't think that anyone connected with the expenses scandal should have been a candidate.