Monday, 1 June 2009

How Can I Believe Cameron that things will Change?

Bryan Lee objected to the installation of a travellers camp in a nearby field. He was labelled a bigot by the officials at Mid Devon District Council. When I look to see who the MP's are, surprise, surprise... 

Angela Browning MP - CONSERVATIVE for Tiverton & Honiton
Nick Harvey MP - LIB DEM (OK I KNOW) for North Devon

I would not want a travellers site installed near me! I'm sure there are no Conservative MP's (with or without moats and duck ponds) that would like it to happen to them either. 

We (the peasant we), have all had experience of "Pikeys". 

We know they build fires, come knocking on your door with heather and tarmac deals. We know that the dogs bark all bloody night and that they downright take the cheeky piss (and that's being kind). We only know too well the bloody mess they make!!!

In reply to his objection, the council said 

"they would take 'no account' of his letter and warned he may be investigated under race laws. Their letter read: 'It is the policy of the council, when making decisions on planning and building proposals and applications, to take no account of representations of a racist nature.'I have to tell you that if the council receives any more racist representations from you, this matter will be referred to the Commission for Racial Equality or the police for investigation."

I have quite a few plain and simple questions for Mr Cameron. 

Why is this happening in a Conservative Council? 
Is this bollocks going to stop, EVER?
How did all these ridiculous policies get past you in the first place?
Can you promise that all this Political Correctness and Health & Safey crap is going to end? It's just got so insane.. it's out of control. 

"An Englishman who called his German next-door neighbour a 'Schweinhund' found himself in the dock today accused of racial harassment. Clive Robinson, 45, went on trial accused of deliberately using the insult - which translates as 'pig dog' and was once commonly used in war films and comics - because of Christine Hurst's nationality. A court heard his alleged victim, a magistrate who moved to the UK as a student more than 20 years ago, was so shocked that she almost broke down in tears before calling police".

Broke down in tears, OMG!!! She's just such a sodding delicate flower. It's bollocks.  Everyone is after a quick buck and taking full advantage of a ridiculous political system!

If it upsets her so much, what happened to taking someone to court yourself?


  1. It all mounts up doesn't it? My dad say's he has a "rod in pickle" for the petty officials that have been acting this way. He's in his eighties, but still full of bile remembered from the Second World War. You'd like him, born in the East End, built like the proverbial brick wosname, and doesn't take prisoners. He's an Old Age Activist. He takes the dog out every morning and meets up with all the other malcontents in the village. Every last one of them risks an ASBO for what they're thinking and what they discuss on the field every day. There's a lot of them, and they don't intend to go quietly.

  2. People that remember how we used to treat each other properly. Back in the days when kids had manners and respected their parents and teachers. It's not that long ago!

    Things have deteriorated so badly during the last 10 years, the country I grew up in is no longer familiar.

    I come from the East End too and haven't been back for 30 years.

    It would upset me to go back, so I don't.

  3. I've had to work in the East End. I hated being there. It was never an experience to be enjoyed, rather, something to avoid, although there were people whose company and experience were interesting to me. My dad sometimes asked to come with me on service calls,I told him that he wouldn't enjoy going back, I certainly didn't.
    He grew up doing the markets. He would be destroyed if he saw the changes in his old stamping ground. He looked up where he was born and the street he lived in as kid on google. He was somewhat peeved when I told him what the area was like now. It might look the same from the air, but it is one hell of a scary place to live now.
    He's pissed off now. So are a great many other members of the silver surfers.

  4. Seems he was telling the truth!

  5. I must admit I may not be silver, but I'm the wrong side of 50 and I'm heartbroken.

  6. When do we start saying 'Enough's enough!'..?