Thursday, 18 June 2009

David Miliband - Hypocrite, coward!

David Miliband says “It is for the Iranian people to decide on their government”.

Pity the Labour Government can't extend that right to their own people! We're being dictated to by a largely unelected and unwanted government.

They're so incompetent, they can't even get someone who can spell properly on Labour Matters (click to enlarge graphic).

Labour schooling to blame?


  1. "They're so incompetent, they can't even get someone who can spell properly on Labour Matters "

    That's almost bad enough to have been in the Guardian!

  2. Educated under the Tories actually. Blame Thatcher!

    The error was corrected minutes after publication (as are many errors which creep in from time to time).

    Pretty pathetic attack line though all the same.

  3. I'm surprised my little blog matters that much that you would honour me with a comment.

    It has given me renewed energy to get rid of Brown!

  4. LMs comment blaming Thatcher and the Tories. Well they are not fit to pick up Maggies nail clippings.

    Millipede is a total hypocrite. He is quite happy that Britain under Labour has become a Stalinist state; its population cowed, and its wants totally ignored, because the ignorant, deluded, corrupt ,Big Brother government "knows best". At least Stalin did not let human trash live off the labours of his citizens!

    By the way Rantin Rab has a good piece about the authorities taking kids fingerprints without their parents permission. Police state or what?

  5. Should have said earlier..even if you are in Spain, fear not. Big Brother, (Lab.Matters) is waching YOU!

  6. They can watch, I have nothing to hide :)

    I'm just happy I don't pay taxes to the UK Government under labour. I would rather pay them here where people leave me alone and don't take the piss.

    I can have a cigarette in a pub and am treated like an adult!

  7. LOL, so Sue, you just happened to find a mistake at the precise time you went onto their website? Doesn't sound like time to time to me. A day of Labour is riddled with regular cock ups.

  8. CryBaby: As it happens that error was live for less than 10 minutes, but hey ho.

    Sue, don't get too excited. It's friday and we love a laugh on a friday afternoon/evening. The 'I don't pay UK tax' thing is just a gift which we loved reading.