Friday, 19 June 2009

David Miliband - the hypocrisy continues.....

After being accused of a "cheap shot" by Labour Matters (even though Labour are experts at cheap shots themselves) on my post yesterday, I went and had my daily read of their site. Always interesting to see what the other sides opinions are, after all.

This post is not a criticism of the site (I don't want to upset anyone again) but I couldn't help but laugh! (I added the photo)....


The story is (as you may have guessed) Milibands opinion of the Tories leaving the mainstream European People's Party (EPP) and instead forming a new alliance with mainly eastern european countries.

I personally am very happy with this decision as I believe Europe has become too totalitarian (much like the UK under Labour). I would actually prefer it if we left altogether and just went back to the old idea of a "common market" without "The New World Order" horror that would be in store for us if we continue on this path.

What I find most comical is that the EPP describe themselves as a "centre-right group". Nothing could be further from the truth. The EPP is the most undemocratic of parties.

A more accurate description of the mainstream EU parties would be a "socialist centre-left group bordering on communism" and that is why the Tories are leaving. A centre-right party would never have condoned so much power going into an assembly full of unelected ministers making decisions for countries they know nothing about.


  1. Take it you've been reading Dan Hannan on the EPP and the inconsistent and contradictory accusations Labour fling the Tories way? If not you should browse his blog at the Tele for it. They really are twats.

    Unfortunately I don't think you should get too excited by the Tories leaving the EPP when really they should be making plans to take the UK out of the EU and into EFTA instead. Camerponce doesn't doesn't have the balls.

  2. Angry exile sounds like a fighter not a quitter? Me, I'm stuck with staying and fighting this shower of shit that passes for a Government. As for The EUSSR, hate the bastards even more.

  3. I did read Dan's blog and just went back to look at the comments. One in particular I completely agree with.

    "Look, Iran's leader accuses the UK government of being treacherous. I CAN'T DISAGREE!
    The UK Labour government betrays it's OWN people, let alone those in other countries.

    Gordon Gimp condemns the Iranians of being - UNDEMOCRATIC? - Gordon, the same Gordon who reneged on Labour's promise to hold a referendum on the EU Constitution?
    The same [unelected PM] Gordon that won't call an election, even though the majority of the country is begging for one?
    The same Gordon who's signing our democratic rights away to the corrupt, unelected EU?
    The same Gordon that intends to hold on to power using all available means?

    I suggest Gordon shuts his big mouth and keeps OUT of Iran's business - because I just can't keep my food down when I see him on TV talking about democracy".

  4. The irony of an expat calling for withdrawl from the EU (as Hannan wants)! Can you spell homeless? TW@

  5. I'd come back if the Tories got in... :)

    I'm just not paying for a Labour Government!

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  7. Typical of an anti-democratic socialist, Labour Matters. Just because of someone's choice made under the current circumstances (circumstances not of her choice) you think she should have no say in changing those circumstances. Either disingenuous or idiotic, your choice, but your point is certainly not irony.

    As for extremists in the EPP, try actually reading Daniel Hannan's blog, instead of deciding what he must want. As he points out there are more objectionable extremists in the EPP and European Socialists than in the group that Cameron is forming. Yet funnily the Guardian never mentions those, federalists get a free pass from parts of the British press and political establishment.

  8. It's a rather shallow remark. People often moved abroad before the EU! I left as a protest. I haven't been silly enough to buy property here as I intended to return once Labour were dead and buried and I will never be homeless!

    I hate the EU in it's present form and I agree with everything that Dan Hannan says.