Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Brown Insults Poland's President.


Quite honestly, Brown should really keep his mouth shut! The Labour Party with it's spin, lies and expenses scandals is hardly whiter than white.

Mr Brown, the delusional righteous idiot! Hardly the diplomat!

You can tell the Conservatives leaving the EPP has really got up his nose. He's really miffed about it, it must be a good thing then and will certainly take power away from the centre of LEFT EPP. They can call themselves Centre of Right, but we all know the truth, they're totalitarian and dictatorial which makes them "far left" as far as I am concerned, practically Communists!

I believe that more will leave the EPP too, everyone is sick and tired of the EU becoming a "Big Brother Monster", everyone wants some democracy back in Brussels!


  1. When Labour throw stones they should be careful not to damage the glazing.

    Labour MEPs sit with an assortment of Communist nostalgics, an old IRA man and a 9/11 denier. Yet they have the gall to lay the charge of extremism against mainstream conservative parties - many of them governing or potentially governing parties - which happen to oppose Euro-federalism.

    They really are f***ing useless, aren't they?

  2. I didn't know of that Dick.

    The criticisms just didn't sit quite right with me knowing what Labour are like!

    Thank you, I am enlightened :)

  3. Makes you all warm inside knowing that Cameron is getting up Brownbum's nose, doesn't it? It certainly brightens my day. I will, however, never be truly happy until we set the Ghurkas loose on the whole bloody rotten shithole that is Parliament!!

    OOHH!- that's better - did it help you or anyone else to picture that glorious spectacle?

    I can still picture it now............yep - works for me!!!!

  4. My dad served with the Ghurkas (not sure when) but he said they were certainly a fierce bunch!