Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Political Classes

It's beginning to irritate me now. "The Political Classes". Since when did politicians get their own class status? 

Is this a new class between middle and upper? It's very pretentious and very annoying!


  1. It includes all the lobby arse lickers, BBC and other Rawnsley like pundits. Not we poor bloody foot soldiers, of course. It is becoming a term of abuse, hopefully, for those who deserve it. Mostly Ministers.

  2. Quite honestly Oldrightie, the term is getting on my tits!

  3. They're practically a caste, now, as they marry amongst themselves and get the jobs passed on to them - Dimblebys and Benns, Toynbees and Magnussons, Corens and Geldofs.

    Dare I say Thatchers? Improve the breed, that would.

  4. "Quite honestly Oldrightie, the term is getting on my tits!"

    Could be worse Sue, could be me!

  5. Regrettably Sue it seems they are a class in their own right. A gilded, self-regarding, self-perpetuating noblesse de robe complete with rent-seeking retinues of courtiers, plaintiffs, jongleurs, chroniclers and tame philosophes. (I leave you to decide your own modern equivalents)

    Unfortunately this new caste of oligarchs substitute post-democratic shibboleths and media savvy for aristocratic valour, or the progressive idealims of the Enarques, or the devotion to liberty and tradition characteristic of our better old school MPs.

    Worst. Ruling class. EVER.

  6. Is this a new class between middle and upper?

    No Sue. I think in the minds of those in the political class it's considerably above upper, as shown by the existence of political classes in otherwise classless societies.

    Chris's comment nails it for me.

  7. I suppose that puts them between upper and royality then. Totally unacceptable.

    We have to get rid of the whole lot and put some ordinary people in power.

  8. You Cheeky Chappie Oldrightie :)

  9. Between royalty and deity I suspect ;-)