Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Police Investigation into leak : not in public interest.

"Scotland Yard will not investigate the leaking of details of MPs' allowances and expenses to the Daily Telegraph, the Metropolitan police said today.

While the police began assessing allegations of misuse of parliamentary expenses by individual MPs, the source of the leaked information that has rocked parliament was off the hook after senior officers ruled that a criminal investigation into the matter would not be in the public interest.

However, MPs who have attracted the most controversy over the use of their expenses have yet to hear whether they face charges of fraud or other criminal offences".

Thank goodness for some sense at last!


  1. The police are in a panic. They realise their bestest friends, new fucking liebour are going down the tubes, and they are going to have to pretend to be PUBLIC SERVANTS again. Hope the next government gets ACPO Ltd closed down.

  2. Hopefully, that means we, the people, are slowly winning!

  3. I suspect we just maybe but I really think Jimmy is pulling puppet strings and possibly ours!