Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Mr & Mrs Rowley

As far as the expenses fiasco is concerned I'd like to just post this blog entry to put things in persepective should any MP or friend of an MP pass by. This elderly couple have been living on Cornflakes and sandwiches because Coventry Council (Bob Ainsworth MP Lab, Geoffrey Robinson MP Lab, Jim Cunningham MP, Lab) have said they are not disabled enough to get meals on wheels. They're 91 and 89 FFS!

Mr & Mrs Rowley have been married for 68 years.

Mrs Rowley suffers from crippling rheumatoid arthritis in her arms and legs which means she can barely carry a plate, open the microwave door or push the button to start the kettle boiling.

Mr Rowley has high blood pressure, causing dizzy spells and fainting, and can stand for only a few minutes at a time. Both need Zimmer frames.

The Social worker who was sent to assess them said they "were not disabled enough" to qualify for meals on wheels because they were capable of dressing themselves. 

How disabled do you expect people to be to handle boiling hot items cooking on a hob or in an oven?

Mr Rowley, a former factory worker who served with the Royal Warwickshire Regiment during the Second World War, said the official laughed when they explained their predicament and joked about sending somebody to teach them to cook baked potatoes - fucking cheek! It's not as though the service is free, each meal costs £4.10p and they're not all that great (I can tell you, my mum had them before she died).

He said: 'I fought for my country but I feel like I've been thrown on the scrap heap.

'We've paid our National Insurance contributions all our lives but when we need help in our old age the state turns its back on us. 'We're desperate and feel abandoned.' 

Mr & Mrs Rowley have one great disability of course.



  1. BNP are going to do so well out of things like this.

  2. Mr & Mrs Rowley have one great disability of course.

    Indeed and so many social workers are Labour employees, politically correct and fucking useless at anything but sucking The Party line.

  3. So many people will read the Daily Mail and think exactly the way I do. If it had been an asian couple, they would have an no trouble getting meals on wheels.

    The social system needs a complete overhaul. It is populated by the left wing righteous.