Thursday, 28 May 2009

I'm Disgusted!

I'm so furious, I could go and punch Jacqui Smith in the mouth. 

Gordon Brown said there will be no D-Day remembrance service at Westminster Abbey to pay tribute to those 17,566 British Troops who lost their lives at the Normandy Invasion.

Dame Vera Lynn said “It is very disappointing for the veterans. I can’t understand it. The service is the only opportunity that the veterans have to share what their comrades went through and to think about those who were not able to come back. Many of them can’t manage to get to Normandy so this would have been a very important event to them. The lack of a commemoration service at the Abbey would make the veterans think that they are not important enough. She said: “It is very sad and a real shame. I think they will feel very let down and it is also very sad for the families of those who did not come home from Normandy.”

He will be attending the event in Normandy in which I believe our Queen was not actually invited!

But then again, no one could accuse Brown of being a loyal servant to the British Crown or public, he's just a self serving socialist suckup to Europe c*nt.


  1. WHAT THE FLYING FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mate we need to do something about this! How DARE he . . .one eyed fucking disloyal British-hating bastard. Seriously - I'm so screwing about this. I'm having bloody palpitations!

  2. He's just obnoxious isn't he? I don't want to say! I'm furious.