Sunday, 26 April 2009

Publication of MPs’ receipts in July!

All the Sunday papers are running "Brown's Temper" stories this weekend. The Sunday Mail is covering the outburst by our Führer at David Cameron concerning the MP's expenses fiasco.

"Angry Gordon Brown shouted a ‘take it or leave it’ ultimatum at David Cameron over MPs’ expenses during an extraordinarily bad-tempered meeting between the party leaders last week.

The Prime Minister repeatedly waved his fist and stormed: ‘We have to get this sorted! We have to get this sorted!’

And sources have told The Mail on Sunday Mr Brown appeared to blame Mr Cameron for the need to act now to restore the public’s faith in MPs’ expenses".

At one point he even blamed David Cameron for the whole affair by saying "If you didn’t keep raising this at Prime Minister’s Questions, we wouldn’t be in this situation".

I was under the impression that it was the public that wanted to know after the MSM and excellent organisations like the TPA brought these things up, hey ho.. his hatred for Cameron is absolute, he'd like to blame the Tories for everything that he is responsible for messing up in the last 11 years no doubt.

Meanwhile there are reports of ‘panic’ in the Government whips’ office over the impending publication of MPs’ receipts in July. It is rumoured that ‘horror stories’ will be revealed, including wild expenses claims for helicopter journeys and holiday homes abroad.

So, how about some guesses as to the extent of this abuse? Apart from Mr Jacqui Smith and his pornos, who do we think has squandered vast amounts of tax payers money and on what?

We will see in July who has predicted the most outrageous of the snouts in the trough expenses and watch the shit hit the fan :)


  1. I'm sure that Mandy will be up there and I'll have an each way bet on Hilary Benn.

    BTW, the turd is pointed at the wrong end!!! pmsl