Monday, 6 April 2009

Prescott Hates Daniel Hannan

"John Prescott challenges David Cameron over claims by Tory MEP Daniel Hannan that the NHS made people Iller?"

Er, well, it does sometimes. Not only does it make people iller, it kills them on a regular basis or gives them life threatening diseases. When its not doing the latter, patients are being left to fend for themselves, denied treatment (even though they have paid into the sytem for years) or ill treated and the complaints procedure is so bad, it's not worth even starting! 

The NHS has become a "free for all" medical "right" for all and sundry! People come to the UK to get free medical treatment, in effect, they take the piss. The NHS was not made to cope with the numbers that it has to. It was meant for those that had paid into the fund like an insurance policy. That's why it was called "National Insurance Contribution".

"John Prescott, the Labour former deputy leader, said if Cameron did not reject Hannan's comments the public would be entitled to conclude that they had witnessed "another slipping of the mask of the Tory party".

What? John Prescott should remember that the "Labour Party" was the party that claimed it represented the working class. Did Mr "two jags" with his plush homes and his bit of fluff on the side give a crap for the working class then? Does he now with his claim for £141,644 in expenses? 

Does the Labour Party care that they have spun, cheated and ripped off the working class for the last 12 years? Does the Labour Party care that they are still sucking the life blood from the working classes while they are losing their homes and being made redundant? Not one of them has resigned over their immoral earnings or sleaze, not one of them have offered to return the fortunes they have amassed at the expense of the taxpayer and many of them have become millionaires thanks to the working classes. 

The article continues "Prescott, in a post on his blog challenging Cameron  to back Hannan or sack him, commented: "The caring Conservatism mask seems to have slipped again to reveal the true distorted face of the Tory party."

He started with this post on his blog: Back him or sack him.

Apparently Mr Hannan said 

"We've lived through this mistake; we've lived through this mistake for 60 years now... the reality is it hasn't worked. It's made people iller.
"We spend a lot of money and we get very bad results, you look at survival rates for cancer or for heart disease we are well down on all the leagues. We have very few Doctors.
"We disincentivise people from practising medicine in this country. A lot of our best and brightest Doctors emigrate. A lot of them go to North America because there's no market."


Mr Prescotts retort :

“Here I am outside the Department of Health. It signifies to the British people the greatest creation –  a health service based upon need and not your ability to pay.  But now I hear this man Dan Hannan, who is a Conservative Member of the European Parliament and is standing for re-election in the next couple of months, tell us the NHS is a ‘failure.’

Now I know he might be a hero in America for the Republican Party, a country that’s just had a health service proposal rejected. America wants to move to the British system.

So let Mr Cameron now make it clear to the country in our coming elections that Hannan does not represent the Conservative point of view or otherwise we’ll see that this is another slipping of the mask of the Tory Party.

Reject this man. Let him say these things in the European Elections and we’ll know where we stand with the Conservative Party.”

I wonder if Mr Prescott pays for BUPA or would have to be placed in a mixed public ward if he became iller or would they refuse to treat him because he is obese?

Mr Prescott, you are a fucking idiot. Who do you think you are telling another political party who to sack or back?

Do you really think that Mr Cameron is going to fire Mr Hannan because he has said something truthful? The NHS USED TO WORK, it doesn't now and no matter how much money Labour pump into it, it will never work. It won't work because you employ too many non medical staff who are concerned with targets. It's the Labour Party that have destroyed the NHS by intefering too much in the running of hospitals. Its the Labour Party that have destroyed the NHS by allowing the world and his brother free health care whether they paid into the system or not.

He's still waiting for an answer....Not heard anything yet Cameron and is pretty much being blanked as far as I can see!

I believe Labour are worried about Daniel Hannans popularity. I think that they would love to be rid of him. 
If I were Mr Cameron, I would promote Mr Hannan and really piss the labour party off!

You fat, sleazy, disgusting wanker Prescott, who gives a shit what you think? 

Fuck off!


  1. Awesome post Sue - and little remains to be said. Everything you say is entirely true. The NHS is tangled in bureauocracy and crippled by immigrants and freeloaders. The government treats doctors and nurses with utter contempt by paying them fuck all; and then have to import them from places like the Phillipines so that they can pay them peanuts. The whole things fucked . . . thanks to Prezza and friends. Go 4th and fuck off!

  2. Thank you kindly:)

    Do you notice they never bring up the crap that their lot are getting up to? Whereas, we frequently criticise our own!

  3. Prescott hates Hannan because 1. he doesn't look like a meat pie and 2. he can speak clearly, enunciate clearly and is an absolute pleasure to listen to....all of which is a damn site more than Prescott can manage.

  4. They really are getting desperate!

  5. Excellent post.

    The NHS is absolutely no use at all to me, yet I have to pay for it.

    I can't find an NHS dentist. I am a professional pilot, and cannot afford to wait for the NHS to sort me out if I am ill. Last time I had a problem I paid for private care, not because I was well off (flight instructors' pay is terrible) but because I could not afford to wait, as I did not get paid while I had a bad back and could not fly.

    Prescott is just a thug with no imagination. He is isolated from real people's experience, an cannot imagine the problems his foolish policies cause them. He cannot imagine that som people, even with little money, would rather keep that money than give it to the government only to get a little back when that government decides they deserve it.

  6. Hey Sue, have you seen this
    It sucks, really it does.

    Mummy x

  7. I've had some terrible family experiences with the NHS. I think you will find most people have and as I said the likes of Prescott will go BUPA so he has no idea what it's really like.

    I know old people who dread the thought of having to go to hospital especially if they like a ciggie!