Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Still got the lurgies... and beginning to suffer from self pity :(


  1. My giddy aunt, Sue. This dragging on for you. I'm a bit the same, struggling to shake off a persistent bug of some sort. Still nowhere near as bad as you. Seems total rest is needed even though your fans will miss you! Get to bed, girl!

  2. My hearing is being affected and making me feel dizzy.. that's what's prolonging the agony. I suppose I might go to the Doc's if things don't improve... but seems so silly for the flu!

  3. Get well soon...

    I had the flu last few days, fustyb head, migraines etc...

    I blame the British weather- what's your excuse? :)

  4. Don't over exert yourself. Rest and a good book or three helps. I had the dizziness and my sense of balance went a bit off wack, but I found a few hours napping helped.

    Get well soon.