Friday, 27 February 2009

Work.. what a chore

Working this weekend... speak Monday :)


  1. Hope the flu has gone. Best to you and Mr Muffled. Don't work too hard.

    Just a thought? Please may we see a "Mister Muffled Unleashed blog?"

    We know he makes sense. (As of course do you)

  2. Mr Muffled is not likely to blog unfortunately. His anger at the demise of his precious country is too sensitive a subject. Even if I try to discuss politics with him, his fury unleashes into a tirade of expletives, one would think he had tourettes!

  3. His anger is echoed by thousands. His pride in his Country is a force to be reckoned with. I struggle, really struggle, to keep the swearing from the blog. It's hard enough hiding the anger I feel in everyday speech.
    Respect to Mr Muffled and to you.
    BTW Jacqs has been playing with guns today. Sadly she failed to shoot herself. Worse, the guys who knew what guns are for, didn't achieve a negligent discharge whilst she was close enough for full effect.

    Hope all flu has gone, Lawson.