Thursday, 5 March 2009

It's Official, laughing is against the Law!

What the fuck? What next, really... I'm stunned! I have no words.....(telegraph article here).


  1. WTF !!!

    If we can't laugh, in these troubled times, then we are all definitely fucked beyond belief!

  2. I had to rush to consult a calendar to check it was not April 1st. I must say I laugh at Gordon Brown and Labour all the time whilst the medication is working. Outside of that I stare at a bottle of pills, old rusty pen knife and our local woodland!
    Seriously, if the top of your organisation (Police Force) is a Labour apparachick laughing probably is an offence. What a twat of the week story.

  3. I must admit I count my blessings living here in Spain. It's all so very different and laid back. The police ACTUALLY EXIST TO STOP CRIME not to persecute the people of the town. I don't think the novelty will ever wear off, I just mourn for my country :(