Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Browns Big Con

Hmmm. I can run a small business reasonably successfully, but a country and I'm out of my depth definitely... but even I know something ominous is happening here.

Anyone care to enlighten me as I am getting goose pimples again? What would we do without the net?


  1. Basically Brown is robbing every creditor in the country.

  2. Isn't anyone going to stop him? I don't understand why he's being allowed to get away with all this!

  3. The stupefecation of the populace via social engineering and mass immigration is part of the plot. When this really kicks off there will be a reckoning and it will be bloody, I'm afraid.

  4. I had some lightweight basic training for this during the nineteen-seventies.

    Today I shall mostly be buying candles, toilet rolls, tins of food with long, long, dates, vegetable seeds, shotgun cartridges, more shotgun cartridges, more tins of food, barbed wire, more shotgun cartridges, sandbags, sand, tins of food, shotgun cartridges ... bigger dogs ... a railway sleeper to use as a bull-bar on the 4x4 ...

    The lunatics, having had a hearty breakfast (liver and chianti) and taken over the asylum, are now boarding the buses in preparation to go and look at how they can help the rest of the UK.

    I suppose, in one way, past social disasters seem to have just happened whereas this one seems to have been planned. Maybe the catering vans and porta-loos will be better this time?