Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Mr Muffled tried to get back to the UK after spending the weekend here. His BA flight was due to leave at 6am on Monday morning. It was delayed until 3pm Monday afternoon, so he came back home again for a while. Luckily we only live half an hour away from Malaga airport! He went back for the 3 oclock flight and BA had delayed it yet again and were trying to cram two passenger lists onto the one flight! He finally got back to Gatwick and there were no trains and no buses! 

What is the matter with the UK when it comes to weather and coping? 

Still, good day for Gordon to forget about the strikes. I am quite dismayed that all that seems to be on the news channels is coverage of the snow!

How about that global warming????


  1. Hi, again, Sue. Most kind mention below, thank you! As for global warming, I have some good stuff on that any time you need it! Brum International stayed open and took diversions from the south!

  2. I do believe we should try to keep our planet nice and green and healthy but I don't believe in the mega scare stories. They're just trying to con more money out of us!

  3. Snow. We love it. Reminds us of when we were kids.
    As in 'Sorry sir. Couldn't come to school because of the snow'.