Sunday, 8 February 2009

Our Kids are Being Taught by 20,000 Unqualified Teachers

"Labour Style Education" is a pet peeve of mine. In their social utopia, each child is equally bright (which is not so). Those that are the brightest should be separated from the not so brights and they should be educated separately. 

I don't believe any child can thrive in a class where there are children that either can't speak English or where there are other children which should be given more attention as they are not quite so quick.

I believe in Grammar Schools and I will not apologise for my beliefs... but this story has completely "gobsmacked" me. What the fuck?

"Thousands of schoolteachers across England have no teaching qualifications, it emerged yesterday.

The number of unqualified staff, who include those currently in training on a "fast track" into the profession, and foreign teachers whose qualifications are not recognised in the UK, has mushroomed from just 3,000 when Labour came to power in 1997 to more than 20,000 last year, government figures have revealed"

Surely, teachers from overseas, should be retested before they are allowed to teach in another country? How can we be certain that their exam systems are as rigorous as ours or whether they can speak English well enough in their specialist subjects? Do we check whether these qualifications are genuine (remember we had illegal immigrants cleaning in the Home Office) or whether they are up to date in the first place?

"The revelation comes after the Children's Secretary Ed Balls last week claimed that 16-year-old trainee teaching assistants could be put in charge of fellow teenagers"

Ed Balls is an idiot! 16 year olds ARE children you dickhead!

"A survey last year found that computing, religious education, business studies, classics, design technology and drama were the subjects with the largest number of unqualified teachers, with each subject being taught by teachers, more than 45 per cent of whom had not passed a post-A level qualification. Subjects with the least unqualified teachers were physics, biology and chemistry"

No wonder we're churning out a generation of morons, the teachers are NOT QUALIFIED! 

For fucks sake!

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