Sunday, 8 February 2009

Baby Killed by Family Pets

Baby Mauled by Two Family Dogs

Yet another tragic story has hit the headlines of the horrible death of a child killed by two family dogs. I have the sweetest, most gentle Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Indeed, I don't think he would be any good at protecting me. 

If he hears a noise, he comes to tell me by nudging me and I have to get up and look while he stands behind me peeking between my legs shaking with fear.

My daughter comes to visit with my granddaughter occasionally and I have to admit, I would find it unthinkable to even consider for one second to leave my Staffy on his own with her. He is an animal after all and thus unpredictable. 



  1. Don't start me off, Sue! Our Dobie girl is a joy but no way would you leave her alone with my 2 yearl old niece twins. Poses like a trouper, as your kind visits to my blog show my guests!
    Very sad story and my heart goes out to all involved, regardless of any mistakes made.

  2. Our first dog was a Dobie, a red one. If I told him off, he was a quivering mass in the corner.. very sweet but very strong.

    He zealously ran to me once and couldn't stop in time. I was 9 months pregnant and he tossed me at least 4ft into the air!

    Thank goodness I'm hardy!

    Instead of banning all these breeds, education IS the answer here!