Thursday, 26 February 2009

Mr Muffled

I have just had a discussion with Mr Muffled. He is due home for the weekend tomorrow. It's very difficult to speak with him about politics, which is probably one of the reasons I do the blogs. He won't discuss politics because he becomes insensed, livid, emotional and cannot control his temper, so he thinks it is best not to speak of it at all....which I find quite frustrating but understandable.

Mr Muffled is not an academic, he is a practical man with a sophisticated intellelect (who should have become much more, given the opportunity).. he is an ex Royal Engineer who served in Northern Ireland and a very proud man, a true Brit!

I can't help thinking that there are probably many Mr & Mrs Muffled's out there. I do actually know a few myself. They are at the end of their tether, they have given up, they have lost their faith in the UK democratic process...

Some of you may call this voter apathy but I think it is something deeper, it's something that has damaged the soul of the British People.... and some have no fight left in them.


  1. Then you and the rest of us have to put that fight back into people or else the shit win. How's the flu?

  2. Dear Miss Sue,

    Hope and optimism can only rationally exist when there is an alternative course. It is the lack of leadership and of a sensible strategic national direction that leads many, as you so correctly identify, to a sense of despair.

    The responsibility therefore, on Cameron, is immense. Alas, I am not hopeful that Cameron either understands the nature of the task, or is in any way prepared for it.

  3. Oldrightie, we can but try! The flu is still doing it's level best to get the better of me but I am trying to go with the flow...

    ex-apprentice, I think someone special is required for the task in hand, I am not sure whether Cameron is up to it either, but he may surprise us. Reaching the heady heights of opposition leader is no easy task!