Thursday, 26 February 2009

Brain Training.

Now, I'm not scientist but I do remember when I was at school learning times tables. My dad was a soldier so I went to an army school and my teacher was a Major in the British Army (we were stationed in Aden at the time). He taught us our times tables with flash cards and to this day, I have never forgotten them.

So, Brain Training with a Nintendo may not produce a genius or a protege or cure Alzheimers... but, like all good memory games, it does help. Any brain training is better than no training at all... 

Fucking scientists, piss me off.. I can't believe someone actually paid to investigate this.. what a waste of money.

Common sense is all that's needed in an invaluation of this type! Dickheads have to justify their existence!

Do something useful for a change! Piss off!

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