Monday, 9 February 2009

Children Thrive With Rules and Discipline

From the Daily Mail.

A school claims to be transforming children's behaviour and results by introducing Victorian-style rules.

Pupils at Neville Lovett Community School are encouraged to answer staff with a polite 'yes, Mrs Jones' rather than 'yeah' and stand respectfully behind their desks until the class teacher tells them to sit.

They are also required to wait in the corridor in an orderly line before a lesson begins, say 'good morning Sir' as they file into the classroom, arrange their books and stationery neatly on the desk and stand when an adult enters the room.

1. Working together

Pupils must hold doors open for others, respond to teachers properly using their names, speak clearly, be polite to other pupils in class, take compliments gracefully and return them, thank others for a good turn and shake hands with adults properly.

2. Following instructions

Pupils must arrange their books and pens neatly on their desks before standing respectfully behind their desks and waiting for the teacher's direction to sit. They must obey all teachers' instructions during the lesson.

3. Punctuality
Pupils must arrive at school and for lessons on time, line up in an orderly fashion outside the classroom before the lesson begins and say 'good morning Sir or Miss' before entering the classroom.

4. Good behaviour
Pupils must not swear, must show attentiveness in class, and must stand whenever an adult enters the room.
5. Completion of homework
Pupils must hand in well-presented homework on time.
Not really Victorian. I went to a school that had far stricter rules in the 60/70's and if we did not adhere to them, we were punished with detention, order marks or the cane. Conversely, we had a merit system which won us awards for excellence.

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