Friday, 20 February 2009

All is not well in Brussels

Daniel Hannon in the telegraph has written a short piece : M.E.P.'s can be yobbish as long as they're not Eurosceptics!

"When anti-federalist MEPs held up placards calling for a referendum during a plenary session of the European Parliament, the big parties reacted with excruciating pomposity and hyperbole. Martin Shulz, the Socialist leader, said that our behaviour made him think of Adolf Hitler".

"Several MEPs were issued with fines, on grounds that they had disgraced the assembly in the presence of a national leader (the Portuguese Prime Minister, José Socrates)".

"So, what action was taken against those Euro-integrationist MEPs who jeered, heckled and interrupted Václav Klaus yesterday?"

Which I mention here

Nada... as the Spanish would say!

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