Wednesday, 28 January 2009

New Jobs Created

I just saw an announcement on Sky News. Thousands of jobs are being created by Asda and SkyBsB.

I thought the jobs created were going to be good ones, these are crap jobs!

I have to assume one thing from this announcement.

People no longer go to pubs to socialise because of the smoking ban and because they are a rip off. Instead, they're all nipping down to Asda to get their beer and pringles to go home to watch endless repeats of "The Astronaut Farmer" on Movies Premier. 

Incidentally that also pisses me off as I thought the premier channel was meant to play new movies and The Astronaut Farmer is a 2006 film!

The premise that the non smoking and taxation was meant to be for our well being has only achieved completely the opposite goal, infact it's done more damage!

All we have ended up with is more unemployed, fat bastards sitting at home stuffing their faces watching the TV!!!

If I were a conspiracy theorist I would be wondering whether this was the plan. 

Subliminal messages during The X Factor and Big Brother perhaps (blipverts) and the constant bombardment of government health warnings in the advert breaks. Is the plan to keep us all insulated and locked up in our homes for fear of being stabbed by a hoodie? Is this why the campaign to stop knife crime is a failure?

Are the government afraid that if we all meet regularly enough for a drink at our locals that we may just get angry enough to cause them some bother?

Am I imagining things or could life have really got that sinister!


  1. Actually, I don't think you're toom far wrong.

    Keep us in boxes, watching boxes.

  2. It does feel like that sometimes.