Friday, 16 January 2009


I have the answer to the social mobility problem. Yep, I've thought long and hard and I know what we should do!

Encourage those into private education (those that can afford it), it's less of a drain on the state system.
Bring back Grammar Schools (allows those kids who normally wouldn't get a chance at an excellent education to have one, FREE).
Split the remaining kids into a) academic encouragement education b) practical encouragement education.

The last two of the groups are there to ensure that each childs innate talents/gifts/abilities are channelled into the correct area. 

a) Schools set up to help those who were left behind at the Grammar School process for some reason or another.
b) Schools set up for kids quite obviously not of an academic ilk (not academics nor likely to be), which teach practical skiils like bricklaying, mechanics, plumbing, childcare, catering, beauty (hands on stuff).

Each school having the ability to "swap" a student if and when it is realised that his/her future lies elsewhere!

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