Wednesday, 21 January 2009


I joined the Facebook Campaign supporting disclosure of MP's expenses a couple of days ago and emailed everyone I knew to do the same. 

It seems in the light of the Conservatives, LibDems and others the Government has now backed down.

I am also joining the "Bring back Smoking in Pubs Campaign" on Facebook as I believe we all deserve freedom of choice.

On average, 4 pubs a week are closing. That means people are going out of business and being made unemployed. The Government should be trying to ease this situation, not make it worse!

It's goal is to reach 1 million members and already has 575,194. 

If you believe in living in a democracy you should support this cause.


  1. Is there a bring back smoking in puc campaign on FB?

    I'll certainly join that, if I can find it.

  2. That one I have linked is the only one I've found and I've spent quite a long time searching for a proper petition. I am surprised that there isn't an official one.