Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Tories warned on civil service briefing leaks.

I read earlier that Brown has fnally agreed that The Conservatives are to have the meetings promised by Tony Blair in January with senior civil servants. I believe it enables The Conservatives to make plans should they (fingers crossed), get into power at the next election.

As I read the article in The Guardian, one paragraph stood out...

But the prime minister, who believes the Conservatives have been running moles at the heart of Whitehall, warned Cameron not to leak details of the meetings.

I am actually very insulted at that. Am I a child, that I should not know what is going on in my country? I believe it IS the voters right to be told anything which is NOT a security risk to the UK. I don't like my Government keeping secrets from me, I want to know the truth.

Brown behaves as though Government business is secret and private and we are not be informed about it. Thats why Damian Green was arrested, because Jacqui (Nazi) Smith didn't want us to know she was responsible for some pretty serious immigration gaffs!

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