Saturday, 20 December 2008

Ermm Excuse Me?

SIX moaning asylum seekers have landed bigger council houses after winning a legal battle with taxpayers’ cash

The Somalians were given free homes shortly after they arrived in Britain. One refugee was in a two-bed flat, but a year later was joined by his wife and SIX (haven't these people heard about birth control) children. Another was also joined by his wife and six (another ignoramous) children before she gave birth to another child (on the National Health no doubt).

They took their demands to court using legal aid cash after Birmingham council said it had no accommodation left.

The kids will all no doubt grow up and join the streets of black youths in hoodies killing and mugging in a few years time!

Yesterday it was revealed they been moved into bigger houses after winning the action.

One got a five bedroom mansion, four got four bedroom homes and another received a three bedroom house.

Birmingham councillor Malcolm Davis slammed the decision as “unbelievable”. He said: “A two bedroom flat for one person is over the top already when there is such a chronic shortage. It would appear that the fact they are asylum seekers has helped them qualify for legal aid.” None of the asylum seekers is believed to be working and all were said to be living off welfare benefits.

Migrationwatch chief Sir Andrew Green said: “This may all be perfectly legal but it leaves the long-standing residents of Birmingham aghast at the manipulation of the system.” The council plans to appeal against the ruling at the House of Lords next year..

This is something the UK taypayer cannot continue to afford doing. Many people I know and their families are struggling and living in inadequate rentals, they work hard to try to pay the rent and bills and if one of those families went to the council demanding a house, they'd be laughed at!

I have friend who finished her degree at a London Hospital in dentistry hygiene. As part of her training they had a free clinic (so they could practise essentially). Most of the patients were immigrants (of course). She was booking in 3 Somalians one day who had rented a house somewhere in the area.

They were laughing and joking saying how great the UK was, apparently their local council had approached them saying there was now a compulsory purchase order on the house they were renting and they would have to vacate. It was to be demolished as part of the Olympic Games scheme.

The three Somalians were each paid £16,000 to move out... and subsequently put a deposit down on a nice little house in South London. My friend was disgusted, she and her boyfriend have been saving for years for a deposit. Her boyfriend is serving in the British Army and she has just finished studying. She told me she felt really disheartened and very angry and I don't blame her.

These are not just stories to sell papers, this is what is actually happening in the UK.

I am not against helping asylum seekers but these are ungrateful, greedy bastards. I'm sorry... and then the government wonder why racism is growing in the UK. When this sort of thing happens, British taxpayers feel like they have been shat upon!

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