Tuesday, 9 December 2008


I was thinking today about all the things that are making me so angry. I realised why alot of people just give up. Its hard when you have to work and think of all those "normal things" to keep fighting. Its quite exhausting. I wouldn't mind if I thought it was doing some good, if I thought my objections to NuLabour and my warnings to the Conservatives not to become too dictatorial were going to help. We seem to fighting an almost impossible battle.

I find it hard to post, basically because I'm angry about so many things, I just get tongue-tied.

All I know is, things aren't how they should be, I feel its all going wrong. Something ominous is happening and I (like alot of others), have to say my piece.

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  1. The system has us firmly oppressed and I fear change will now only come with violent protest, its only a matter of time.