Thursday, 11 December 2008

Labour's "dismal" lack on human rights.

"Interestingly (but not surprisingly), Lord Lester, who was brought into Gordon Browns government has resigned in disgust at what he describes as Labour's "dismal" lack of political leadership on human rights".
No shit Sherlock, I could have told him that!

Are you listening Jacqui? You should destroy the DNA samples of people acquitted or not found guilty of crimes and I would rather go to prison than have one of your ID cards!!!!

NuLabour, you are a sham and an embarrassment.. time to go.. NOW!

1 comment:

  1. Politicians most definitely have criminal genes for how else could they inflict so much misery on their own people and cause so much damage to their country without a second thought. They can only be in it for all they can cream off into their own bank accounts. There can be no other explanation why people can be so evil. Anyone else doing such moral harm to others would be up before the judge, what can be done to stop them, someone please!