Friday, 19 December 2008

Blaming the World?

Seems some people are starting to get annoyed about Gordon blaming everyone else in the world for the situation in the UK than taking responsibility himself.

The Beeb reports Abdalla Salem El-Badri of oil producers body Opec said the PM should focus more on cutting UK petrol taxes.

Mr El-Badri, Opec's secretary general, told the BBC the UK had benefited more than most countries from high oil prices because its taxes on petrol and oil extraction were the "highest in Europe".

"Instead of looking at Opec he should look at his policies and try to reduce taxes," he told the World at One. "Then he can talk to us."

How I wish more people would speak up. The trouble with the UK is people aren´t told anything anymore. Why is that? The BBC are normally very pro labour, so I am surprised they have reported this story in quite an unbiased manner.

Its true not many people can afford to run a car anymore because of the tax on fuel and road tax. Mr Brown NEVER lowers taxes significantly enough to help anyone, his VAT drop was a publicity stunt just like everything else he does is. It all paints a rosy picture to the ordinary everyday people who aren´t interested in delving into politics in the way some of us do.

Which brings to the my last thought about The Conservatives and their failing campaign. They do tend to overcomplicate things. Your average voter probably hears about the first couple of sentences said about a certain subject. Thats why catchy phrases like "the do nothing party" stick in peoples minds. Just remember, these people are obsessed with soap operas, reality shows like X Factor (Gordon knows, thats why he was involved) and they LOVE shows like Jerry Springer. The Conservatives are losing this huge chunk of the electorate because they "sound too posh and complicated". 

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