Friday, 28 November 2008

Death of a Democracy

This post is inspired by the arrest of Damian Green. It's a subject that concerns us all and has become increasingly serious since NuLabour have come to power. As each day passes, I am astounded at the pace at which the government seem to be taking over each aspect of UK life.

NuLabour can hardly be accused of being a moral, ethical party so to have this poor man arrested by anti terrorism police is absolutely an overstepping the boundaries of normal police power. Mr Green has a wife and two children, what on earth must they be thinking?

If this is an attempt by NuLabour to discredit the Tory party in any way, then I am sorry to inform them that this has backfired! All they have managed to achieve is to convince the electorate that they are indeed living in a police state and rapidly speeding down the road to a communist regime.

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